Autumn/Winter 2023

Most-seen Fabrics at Autumn/Winter 2023 - Ready-to-wear Fashion Weeks

Most-seen Fabrics at Autumn/Winter 2023 - Ready-to-wear Fashion Weeks

When it comes to choosing fabric for fall collections, designers do not shy away from using even feather-light fabrics that give no ward against the cold season. But when has fashion ever restricted by temperature!

So we saw a lot of mesh fabric at Paris fashion week & glimpses of organza at New York but what really stood out? What clues should you pick when sourcing fabric for your autumn-winter collection? Allow us to reveal the most seen fabrics at all the fashion weeks combined.


Velvet Fabric

A luxurious & obvious choice for winter is Velvet. Along with a soft texture, it is mostly preferred as winterwear due to its thickness. Further, its sophistication and comfort made it at the top of the list.

Features like these & the soft draping made designer Di Petsa use velvet textile to create its iconic broker drapery dress. Inspired by the fragmented figure of a clay Greek goddess, each look gave an impression of a wet fabric draped on the bodice. On the other hand, Nensi Dojaka played the safe game with a classic black velvet dress.


Fur Fabric

Winters are incomplete without the fur fabric. From winter jackets to blankets, fur is very common, especially premium winter clothes. There’s no denying that fur adds a glam element while keeping you warm - a combo everyone wants in winter.

To experiment with the fur fabric for autumn or winter 2023, Dilara Findikoglu blended leather and theatrical faux fur in order to create overcoats. With detailing, quality, and sensibility, the designer showcased a powerful look with ownership and freedom. Meanwhile, Daniel Lee from Burberry used faux fur to draft a trench coat collar that is more relaxed and soft.


Sheer Fabriclore

Whether you make it using fabrics like chiffon or lace-work fabric, having a sheer element in your garment multi-folds its allure. To continue the love for sheer fabric, designers like Nensi Dojaka craft the sheerest denier material in train skirts, which was not an experiment but a stretch of designs by Dojaka that include abstract, bra-topped gowns having see-through sections from the past year.

Nina Ricci mingled the classic polka pattern on mesh fabric in black as a bodysuit to many of her main silhouettes. It continued on a variety of silhouettes varying from flared full-length skirts to bow-like bodice & fish-cut skirts.


Sequins Fabric

December is the sequin season owing to the abundance of holiday parties held during that time of year, the year 2023 is a shattering convention by designating spring and summer as the ideal times for a little sparkle and glamour.

Designer Harris Reed’s Fall 2023 Collection had us is awe of the extravagant sequin while Kim Shui kept it subtle yet striking with the use of bolder sequins. So when you go on to add sequin fabric in your collection, don’t forget to add your brand’s unique touch to it.


Satin Fabric

Who can really say NO to the lush sheen of satin? It adds an oomph so subtly to your garment that the wearer will always be party-ready. Designer Roksanda introduced bright and shiny shades of satin fabric through her collection of head coverings and shoulder scarves.

Emilia Wickstead played with her signature simplicity with satin fabric. Meanwhile, Morinaga from Anrealage bought his photochromic garments alive on the runway using satin fabric for the first time, And we say it went very well!

On top of all these preferred fabrics, there were a glimpses of staples like Denim fabric, Tweed, Knits, Chiffon & more. So designers! Take your note & unleash the potential of your skills without worrying about fabric sourcing, because we got you!


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