Easy To Go With Hot Summer Outfits That Will Highlights Your Curves

Easy To Go With Hot Summer Outfits That Will Highlights Your Curves

Beaches, Mojitos, Hats & Pool -- Summer brings lots of exciting things but it also brings pecking heat, itchiness, skin burn and humidness. But, summer is one of the best seasons to flaunt your body curves in beautiful dresses.

Love or hate them, but if you got them then you should flaunt them!  Doesn't matter what body shape you have either pear-shaped, hour-glass or apple shape, there are always on-trend styles to accentuate your curves and shapelines. Although, it's a bit challenging to think about which summer fabric is not too tricky to figure out what looks best in the summer season. 

Here from breezy summer travel dresses to monochromatic looks, we'll tell you the most stylish hot summer outfits to live your best curvy girl life. Get dressed to wow with solace and self-confidence to look more attractive and super elegant. 

Let's get started!

6 Best Quality Summer Fabric Dresses To Beat The Heat

Know the best tried and tested summer travel clothes and party wear outfit ideas that look fabulous in the hot weather. Irrespective of your body size, you can freely wear all the comfortable and eye-catching dresses to be the center of attraction. 

Have a look at which type of dress best suits you and which one you want to wear. 

#1. Cotton Jumpsuits or Rompers


In the peak summer, the best outfit for humid weather is a cotton jumpsuit.  Stick to the trend and comfortability. Any outfit made from cotton fabric is the best to go on sunny days, it lets you feel breathable, comfy and sweat-wicking. So, wear jumpsuits, playsuits or rompers of various designs or print for casual outings or some unplanned dates & look cute, pretty and trendy. A structural outfit is a great way to show your body curves.

Style Tip: Avoid wearing bodycon and choose something classy like more tailored. For instance, you can prefer a culotte jumpsuit that is a blend of dresses like a crop top with wide-leg trousers.

#2. Breezy Summer Dresses

Summer Dresses

Summer dresses take over fashion like a heat wave. A cotton or linen stitched dress during these warm weather works best that can go from long to short length. Shop for colorful, printed or floral print dresses to go with the trends that can be worn for beach outings, evening parties and other events. Off-shoulder necklines or cold-shoulder dresses with a pair of high heels add an absolute chic look.

Style Tip: If you opt for the floor-length or shapeless dress, don't forget to put a belt on your waist. This is a great way to go with the style. Also, it automatically highlights your waist and ensures a focus on curvy lines.

#3. Crop Tops with Flared Jeans

Crop Tops

When it's about the hot summer outfits, what best goes rather than a crop top – now pair them with flared jeans to be the center of attraction. These items are best to add to your closet because you have an unlimited number of choices in terms of crop tops made from cotton, lightweight chiffon fabric, linen fabric and many more. Also, you can consider polyester in summer. Get crop tops of different patterns and styles that you can style with a high waist or flared jeans along with heeled footwear to look stunning. 

Style Tip: For an elongated look, opt your high-rise flared jeans with a classy skinny crop top with block or pencil heels. Wear the flared jeans with a crop top for your next cocktail party to look elegant.

#4. Bodysuits


Bodysuits are the best hot summer outfits that any woman can carry irrespective of their body size. Cotton and rayon fabric-made bodysuits give you a clean look, accentuating your curves and giving you a completely stylish look along with comfort. A simple basic bodysuit can do magic to heighten your bottom. Also, this outfit fits perfectly for the workplace.

Style Tip: Opt for the V-neck bodysuits with high-rise skinny-fit jeans to complement your body curves.

#5. A Line Skirt

A Line Skirt

A-line skirt never goes out of style and trend. Also, most women usually carry the classy pencil skirt, flared skirt, pleated skirt made from Rayon fabric and pair it  with a high neck top, T's and shirt to look smart and professional. Wearing a skirt is perfect to give a clean look and highlight your waist.

Style Tip: If you have an hourglass figure, go for a rayon fabric-made pencil skirt that will buff out your thighs.

#6. Go monochromatic

Go monochromatic

A monochromatic look is a fantastic way to look ultra-shiny and glossy with comfort.  Opting for a single color dress ensures the elegance and cleaner look that give an illusion of a slim body. Try to create a good combination of bottom and top wear that flatters your curves. Additionally, put on contrasting accessories to make your look more fabulous. 

Style Tip: Ensure to pick the cotton, rayon, linen and polyester fabric if you are thinking of trying the monochrome trend. A complete all-black outfit ensures a cool, classy and stylish look.


It is suggested to look smart and a lady with class, avoid wearing heels with too many straps, laces or ankle straps. This is because all these can cut off your curvy lines and be the center of attraction, especially if they have a short yet cute height. If this is your major concern or pin point then you should try the pointy pumps or wedges that will go well with the hot summer outfits and surely give your legs a slimmer look.

In a Nutshell,

The great thing about the latest trends in fashion is that it allows you to experiment with any type of dress made from summer fabrics. Whether it's about plain formal outfits, a beautiful a-line dress, oversized clothes, bodycon, jumpsuits or any other, wear whatever makes you feel confident. 

You’ll get an ample list of textile industries from where you can purchase a good collection of designed fabric and stitch them to make stylish summer outfits. It's just a matter of good quality fabric that you can get from Fabriclore – your one-stop shop to buy the best range of fabrics that makes you feel happy, beautiful & most importantly comfortable.

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