Relive the Gypsy Life with Arcadian Ajrak

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 If you are someone who wants to stand out in the crowd and experiment with your wardrobe every season, then Ajrak prints are a must for you this season. These fresh prints beautifully done in natural dyeing colours will not only add bliss to your outfit but would also help you ditch synthetic colours and reconcile with the environment. The glory of this ancient Sindhi art rests in the highly contrasting hues and an enchanting fusion of the Mughal inspired nakshatras and floral patterns.

If you relate yourself to power and strength the shades of crimson red will add panache to your daily wear. The hues of indigo blue signifying trust and tranquility balance the design and represent a fascinating combination of inner and outer human peculiarities. 

A Reminiscence of the Mughal Era & Sindhi Heritage

Inspired by the Mughal and Sindhi culture, Ajrak designs are a magnificent depiction of age-old Indian heritage and culture. The designs are mostly immersed in hues of indigo (indigo blue) and madder (crimson red), with extremely polarized outline patterns. The highly contrasting hues of black and white reveal a sense of detailing in every motif designed.

Ajrak is unique in its own way! The prints are dappled with a fusion of sky elements and nature, ruled by dense patterns and no continual extensions, and hence can stick out a mile from a fabric collective.

An Ajrak scarf done in indigo blue and madder


Team up your outfits with this gypsy Ajrak couture

Inspired by the nomadic lifestyle, these beautifully done Ajrakh prints are as fresh as the springtime. The bold hues of red and black depicts a sense of power and independence. Deeply rooted in the Mughal legacy the motifs are inspired by the ancient architecture and landscape. You can pair these fancy jackets and crop tops with a basic tunic dress, palazzos or cotton pants and some boho accessories.

She is a wanderer, an explorer, a quintessence of poise and panache.

Handsomely tailored indo-western Ajrak jackets

Do you want to catch the eye of someone special this wedding season? Get your hands on these vibrant Ajrak jackets teamed up with muslin silk kurta pajamas or jodhpurs. The intricate traditional geometry done on contemporary fabrics imparts an exceptional fusion and style to every outfit. From long jackets and waistcoats to trendy Nehru jackets, this rich collection of Ajrakh prints done in various natural dyeing hues will make you ditch your stereotype attires and try out something new this season.

Demonstrating the legacy of Indian craftsmanship in classy Ajrak designs

Make a statement with these Ajrak palazzo pants

Who doesn’t want comfort in this scorching heat? With frosty winters coming to an end these Ajrak palazzo pants are a snug pick for you this season. These geometrical and floral motifs beautifully imprinted on breezy fluid fabrics will make you dump your denims and fall in love with these pants in no time. Mapping a picture of the coolness of nature and vestiges of ancient times, the organic shades of indigo blue and madder adds a kind of serenity to the outfit.

She is rebellious and mysterious, imbued with power, hope and strength.

Glam up this wedding season with these charismatic Ajrak prints

Wedding cotoure is one thing that everyone likes to seek and splash out on. From capes to slit jackets, anarkalis to sherwanis, these ravishing Ajrak prints soaked in tints of red and maroon are something to die for. These dazzling designs are a depiction of rich Sindhi culture fabricated with a contemporary touch. Whether it's your wedding or your best’s friend’s getting hitched, this ethnic ensemble of Ajrak prints will make eyes pop out in a flash.

A sneak peek of the A-jharat collection by Rahul and Shikha

A hand-crafted Sindhi Ajrak Sherwani by Arsalan & Yahseer

Home Furnishings

Jazz up your room with these Ajrak bed covers

Have you ever wondered what can make your room look radiantly diverse every week? What is that one thing that makes you fall in love with your room over and over again? It is bedcovers! Bedcovers are something that we all like experimenting with and one of the best gifting options in the range of home décor. The scenic patterns skillfully printed on rich cotton can illuminate your room and make a fabulous impression to your ambiance.

A soothing range of rich cotton Ajrak bed covers  

Improvising Ajrak prints on a range of fabrics 

When it comes to designs and fabrics experimentation is an everlasting process. The beauty of this ancient block-printing technique rests in its flexibility and ability to be adopted by any sort of fabric. Apart from mainstream cotton, Ajrak can be crafted on a wide range of fabrics like Mashru and Modal Silk. Each fabric has its own uniqueness and aesthetic approach.

Mashru Silk is a dynamic fabric made from a blend of few cotton and majorly silk yarns. It has a silky look on the outer side and a comfy cotton touch on the inside. A great fall and a starry shine make Ajrak prints emerge in a magnificent way. Being in a heavy fabric, Ajrak prints on Mashru Silk are best suited for ethnic jackets and palazzo pants.

Another kind of fabric that goes really well with Ajrak is a blended knitted fabric known as Modal Silk. With soft, shiny and highly lustrous characteristics, this fabric compliments the bold and vibrant Ajrak designs. Whether its gowns, palazzos or kurtis this super flowy fabric gives you great experimenting opportunities to work on!

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If you are wondering where can you find these fabrics then Fabriclore is the place for you! At Fabriclore you will find an enormous range of Ajrak prints intricately done on Cotton, Mashru and Modal Silk. If you are smitten by natural colour palettes, our fabrics done in earthy colours will surely sweep you off your feet.

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