Shine In Simplicity With Shibori

Shine In Simplicity With Shibori - Fabriclore

The origin of Shibori dates back to an old-age fascinating and multifaceted Japanese culture. A kind of shaped-resist dyeing technique, the word Shibori is derived from “Shiboru” which means to wring, press or squeeze. It is a unique method of embossing textiles with a plethora of smooth, blurry-edged motifs and designs. With different cultures adding their own allegory to this dyeing method, it is one craft that is treasured and admired around the globe in various forms.

What makes it different from the usual tie & dye is the way it is crafted. The designs are first stitched with the help of threads and needles and are crumpled, folded, tugged, and twisted in different forms prior to dyeing. While the stitched areas remain undyed, the sews are gently undone giving it a striking three-dimensional look and feel.

Give Yourself A Spring Check In This Sultry Season

If you have yet not sprung into the summertime shopping madness, then you better get going before the scorching heat hits you! Get your inspiration from this beautiful Shibori maxi dress done in hues of coin grey and crimson red and design your own! Smitten by the diamond shaped patterns blurring at the edges, defined by a spatter of white, makes such designs an ideal pick!

Blooming in the fresh spring breeze with an insouciant Shibori maxi dress

Glory In The April Showers With These Silky Shibori Attires 

The Amrich Designs collection will make you fall in love with Shibori in no time. Dictated by a monochromatic theme, the apparels appear like a canvas dappled with fascinating artistic patterns; giving every outfit an inimitable class! These fresh flowy dresses are surely going to catch the eye this season.

A sneak-peak of Amrich designs at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016


Hop Into Spring With These Floor Skimming Dresses

If you like being off-the-cuff, then take cues from this fossil grey Shibori dress faintly dyed in beige stripes. Accessorize it with a neon scarf and some boho bells and whistles to complete the look. While the other one is a perfect pick for a twilight date; you can team this midnight blue Shibori dress with your favorite pair of peep toes and some shimmery hoops.  


Stay sewed-up with these all season Shibori maxi dresses


Go Mesmerizingly Indian With These Shibori Sarees

Whether it is the exquisitely speckled stripes done in blends of coin grey and bistre brown or the abstract checkered prints dyed in tones of blues and whites, these Shibori drapes can make someone’s eye pop in a blink. If you like it the gipsy way, then try accessorising them with some oxidised silver jewellery.


Nurturing the Indian culture with contemporary Shibori drapes

Update Your Wardrobe With These Breezy Shibori Tops

For times when you want to avoid all the glare and flare, go easy with these Shibori tops! Team them up with a pair of rugged denims or white ankle pants. Ditch your mundane footwear and grab hold of some classic Kolhapuris; neutral tones or multi-colored pom-poms, whatever suit your taste! 


Classic indigo Shibori tops for a sun-filled summer

Turn Heads With These Comfy Shibori Pants

Can you recall the harem fever that literally made you dump your denims for years? Those super comfy pants once became our one-stop solution to stand the blazing heat. Let’s bring the madness back this summer with a Shibori harem twist. Pair these harem pants with a basic top and some chunky accessories.


Don’t chase the trends, make your own with these Shibori harem pants

Make Place For These Little Charmers In Your Closet

If embellishing is a part of your styling routine, then you are definitely going to pine for these Shibori accessories! Divulging a fresh summer feel, you can pair this indigo Shibori scarf and the frill chain necklace with almost anything and everything.


Crushing over these Shibori Accessories


Give Your Place An Artistic Makeover With Shibori Home Furnishings

If you like keeping it simple yet classy, then these Shibori furnishings are a seamless match for your taste! The enchanting Shibori designs immersed in soothing tones of grey, green and blue are going to add splendour to your home décor. Along with strewing an aura of freshness and class, these furnishings represent a blend of modernity and conventionalism in every form.



An alluring range of Shibori bed sheets and cushion covers

Do try these looks and design your own with our fascinating range of Shibori prints! Share your designs/ suggestions/comments with us at 


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