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Cotton Silk- The Art defining Richness

Cotton Silk- The Art defining Richness - Fabriclore

If silk seems too cumbersome for you but still its lustrous look appeals to you, and Cotton seems too casual to you but its easy-breezy feel is something you cannot let go of, the Cotton Silk is definitely for you. A perfect blend of the two most popular fabrics – Cotton and silk, this fabric is what we call a perfect hybrid ever created.

This not-so-formal and not-so-casual fabric was created in the 18th Century as a result of the ever-growing creativity of the artisans of that time and their craving for a perfect fabric that could overcome the limitations of both Cotton and Silk. Therefore, the positives of each of the fabrics were very carefully mixed and matched over the years to create a few blended fabrics and one of them was Cotton Silk.

Cotton Silk

It had the same softness as silk but was not as heft as silk was. It also had a beautiful drape like cotton and turned out to be super durable. The best of all was the overall pricing of the fabric. It turned out to be much cheaper than Silk. Also, the look of this fabric makes it so versatile that it does not belong to one single tradition. In fact, this fabric has been one of the most popular fabrics worldwide.

Fashion Designers all over the world are playing with the magical characteristics of this fabric to create the most innovative designs.

The Making of Fabric

Cotton Silk Fabric

Cotton silk is made from the best cotton and silk fabrics available throughout the world. The silkworms, which are reared to make silk that has to be used in Cotton silk, are nurtured with extreme care, giving them the best surroundings. Cotton is also very carefully plucked from the cotton plants because only the best of these fabrics are used in preparing Cotton Silk.

The proportion in which Cotton and silk are blended does not necessarily stay perpetual. It can vary from fabric to fabric. The fabrics that are used for designing heavy lehengas like bridal lehengas are usually more silk and less Cotton. And Western Clothing may have more Cotton in them.

The Styling of Cotton Silk

The glamor of Cotton Silk is because of its versatility. Be it any festive occasion, casual party or evening dress, Cotton silk can be molded accordingly. The elegant and luscious look of Cotton silk with its unmatched comfort and drape is what makes this fabric magical.

Check out some of the styles you could use for your next Cotton Silk dress.

Swati Kalsi

Cotton Silk

Fashion Designer Swati Kalsi’s Collection ‘Monad’ showcased at Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 was a tribute to traditional Sujan embroidery on hand-woven fabrics. The collection was a blend of both vibrant and darker hues like black, ivory, camel, and gray and displayed the beauty of Sujan embroidery on fabrics like Cotton, Cotton Silk, and Tussar Silk. 

It was indeed a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary looks with Dresses, cropped pants, skirts, coats, wrap-pants, and sari drapes.

Rohit Bal and Usha Silai

Cotton Silk Fabric

Rohit Bal’s Lakme Fashion 2019 collection is all about sustainability along with empowering females. He joined hands with the label Usha Silai which made a collaboration by the name “Guldastah”, a collection that has exquisitely embroidered Cotton-Silk, Chanderi, and Organza silk with zari work in floral motifs that reminds of Kashmir. 

All the profits they earned from these outfits were given to female artisans in order to empower them financially. 

Varun Bahl

Cotton Silk

After four years, Fashion designer Varun Bahl made his comeback at Lakme fashion week 2019 with his new label, “Varun Bahl Pret”.

He showcased his ready-to-wear collection on the day-1 of the runway.  

The collection involves kurtas, dresses, cardigans, and trousers particularly designed for Indian body structure. For his collection, Varun used fabrics like Silk-satin, cotton-silk, chanderi, and organza

You can be as selective as you can while picking up the cotton Silk fabrics because they are not only available in a plethora of colors but also in different textures of shiny and matte. And with its easy-to-maintain nature, this fabric is definitely worth your money. So, next time just don’t settle with one design. Play with your creativity to design Cotton Silk outfits.

And don’t forget to share your designs or any styling tips with us in the Comments Section below.

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Silk to Cotton Designs

Silk to Cotton Designs

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Aparna Kunal Banerji

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