Summer 2021 Exclusive Collection Spree

Summer 2021 Exclusive Collection Spree - Fabriclore
A glimmer of hope as the Summer of 2021 turns out to be a sigh of relief for many, because things are slowly, but surely, starting to roll back to normalcy.
For fashionistas, it is the right time to flaunt colourful dresses and to revamp their style - something that was confined due to health measures, last year.

Needless to say, it is very ambitious to have a full wardrobe makeover in a short period. But, if you would like to add diversity to your closet, then, you can consider shopping for the below-mentioned exclusive summer collections, brought to you by Fabriclore!

Towards the end of the article, you will also get acquainted with some of our upcoming collections.

1. Pink City Collection

Royalty is synonymous with Jaipur, and undoubtedly, we all have this "Pink City" of Rajasthan, close to our heart. Inspired by the city's rich culture and its name - we introduced "Pink City Collection" - that gives you the royalty to wear the legacy of Jaipur!

The fabric showcases the authentic pink shade - similar to the infamous pink walls of Jaipur, and the traditional hand-block printing.

You will be surprised to see how well the garment suits Kurtis and Skirts. Not just Indian, you can take it up a notch and try sewing your crop top or shirts - to mix things up a little!

2. Desi Delicacies

Let your friends be mindful of Indian delicacies while you sport the playful garments from our exclusive "Desi Delicacies" merch.

The collection boasts attractive prints with a sturdy built. You will notice a difference in the material, as it will be slightly coarse compared to your regular cotton. This is because of the core material - Flex Cotton.

It is a summer staple - woven with soft and durable cotton together with flex yarns.

3. Monochrome

If you want to stand out from the rest by wearing something unique this summer, we highly recommend you to go for our Monochrome collection.

The Trend is so much so that even giants like Dolce Gabbana, Chanel, Ports 1961, Gabriela Hearst & more have given in to this classic Salt & Pepper combo in their spring/summer 2021 collections! Believe me, it is never going out-of-date.

With our repository packed with materials exhibiting the rustic art of hand block printing, Monochrome also has that modern edge - making the collection a perfect traditional-contemporary crossover.

While you skim through the inventory you will notice a very unconventional print - this is because of the blocks carved out to have the motifs of swirls, roses, peacocks etc. The fabric is best suited for Skirts, Dupattas and Crop-tops.

4. Lore of Love

This Valentine's season, think out of the box and make every second of your time with your loved ones special by embracing our  "Lore of Love" collection.

Hot off the press, "Lore of Love" amplifies your charming side - encouraging you to say your untold love, or to kneel for the billion-dollar question!

This embellished  Cotton fabric will also accommodate well for the scorching heat of Summer - leaving no excuses for an afternoon-long drive!

The printing is a mix of hand block and digital, giving the fabric a contemporary yet a traditional finish, similar to what we wanted on our Monochrome collection.

5. Vasant Bela

Summer is a teaser for Spring and a reminder for you to ramp up your Spring wardrobe to have enough clothes that soak up the sweat.

In India, the season of spring is celebrated in the form of "Vasant"(also known as Basant) - or more accurately "Basant Panchami". It is this festival that marks the beginning of spring in India.

On this day, people worship the Hindu Goddess Saraswati, and for this function, your attire plays an important role. It is said that, during the days of Vasant, it is ideal to wear Yellow clothes as it epitomizes luck, prosperity, and positivity.

That is why you will find a lot of blissful Yellow shade on our "Vasant Bela" collection!

We want you to start the year with a hint of luck and a punch of positivity!

Upcoming collections:

a) Pantone Shades of 2021

If the foretold 5 collections made you excited, then we are pleased to announce that we have much bigger plans sorted for 2021! Soon, we will be unveiling an exclusive collection inspired by the Pantone Shades of 2021.

For the uninitiated, every year, Pantone - an industrial giant, primarily in the fashion design space - chooses a particular colour for a particular year. For instance, in 2012 the researchers gave the "Color of the Year" title to Tangerine Tango - it was later on used by leading cosmetic brand, Sephora's to create an exclusive makeup line.

Similarly, we at Fabriclore will be having an exclusive collection featuring the two colours chosen by Pantone - albeit, this time around it wouldn't be a partnership, per se. The colours being "Ultimate Gray" and "Illuminating".

Stay tuned to see how this will illuminate our(and your wardrobe!) Ultimate 2021 inventory!

b) A touch of artisans

"A touch of artisans" is a project that is avidly being worked upon by our in-house merchandising team. Once done, you will be able to purchase top-grade handlooms - handspun and handwoven - fabric dyed by skilled artisans.

The design will be hand block printed, finished with Kantha embroidery work. While the more contemporary Kantha work is preferred for complex finishes, it lacks the realistic touch that a handcrafted Kantha embroidery possesses.

Hence, in our collection - we will be solely focussed on having the embroidery done manually - by hand. At the end of the day, we didn't name our collection "A touch of artisan" for no reason - the garment will be worked(or "touched") upon by an expert from the very beginning to the end!


So be it the new work-from-home wardrobe essentials or attending the virtual meeting with the whale of your organisation, slay them all with our exclusive collections & YOUR absolute take.

Craft Your Story into a floaty maxi dress, wide-leg trousers, crop tops, skirts & whatnot. Let your 2021 summer wardrobe shine the brightest.

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