All You Need To Know About The Lightweight Summer Fabric Outfits

All You Need To Know About The Lightweight Summer Fabric Outfits - Fabriclore

Won't you think summer is a real struggle, especially when the temperature can soar up to 45 °C? Yes, it is! But without worrying about the hot and sweaty weather, why not welcome the sunny season in the coolest way?

For that, you just need to figure out the perfect quality types of Summer Fabrics for all generations that give you relief from the sweltering heat. So, I guess you have heard about an ample range of fabrics in the world, but how would you know which best suits you in this climate?


So in this guide we will talk about the most breathable, airy and lightweight fabrics that you should put in your wardrobe. Also, which summer fabric you can pick to remain cool and classy even in the hottest summer of 40- degree weather. Let's begin by hoping for the top ten best summer fabrics.

The best type of fabrics for sunny days

#1. Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the most popular and best fabric to wear in summer apart from a wide collection of a variety of fabrics. It is a ready-to-wear fabric that is suitable and perfect for all types of seasons.

Summer Season Clothes

This fabric is made from fibrous balls that consist of hollow gaps, allowing easy consumption and expelling perspiration. No doubt, it is the most popular and extensively used fabric across the world because of its lightweight, breathable and sweat-wicking qualities. Although this quality ensures this fabric is worth buying and perfect to put in your wardrobe. 

#2. Linen Fabric

Linen Fabric is also made from flax fibers in which the space between the threads ensures the fabric is breathable. This fabric is considered one of the best summer fabrics because it gives you a complete feeling of coolness even on the hottest sunny days.

Summer Season Clothes

Although linen fabric is a summer wardrobe essential because of its durability and lets you breathe properly. That's the reason people usually pick this to get off their summer season sweat freely

#3. Seersucker Fabric

It's impossible to forget the sheer fabric when you're looking to pick the best one for summer season clothes. It is one of the most ordinary and all-cotton summer fabrics. Other than other weighty fabrics, seersucker fabric is lightweight and doesn't stick to your body.

Summer Season Clothes

Also, this fabric has been a part of Indian Fashion Week seasons for a long and has kept growing its demand in the fabric market over time. During summer you can go for it to make your summer season cooler.

#4. Khadi Fabric

Rather than cotton, sheer and linen, Khadi is another easy-to-care-for and summer fabric you can count on to feel relaxed, cool and classy even in the hot and scorching heat.

Summer Season Clothes

Undoubtedly, you might know that khadi is a basic fabric with a stylish look - a cotton-based handwoven cloth that gained popularity heretofore the swadeshi revolution. This is because the fabric makes you feel cool and gives you a completely stylish look other than keeping you comfy all day.

#5. Silk Fabric

Silk is a super amazing summer fabric because it exhibits a special quality that you won't find in other fabrics. It has antibacterial properties and a completely natural structure that ensures easy ventilation.

Summer Season Clothes

Silk is often a bit of climate fabric because of its property to restrain temperature. This summer fabric is good at absorbing moisture, allowing your skin to stay cool and breathe.

#6. Chiffon Fabric

Chiffon fabric is the lightweight fabric than all other fabrics. There is no doubt that chiffon fabric makes your summer more comfy, easy and hassle-free when it comes to stylistic.

Summer Season Clothes

This most comfortable and weightless fabric can be made from a combination of other fabrics including silk, rayon or a synthetic fiber like polyester. In concise, the use of multi-filament yarns in chiffon fabric makes your summer perfect because it looks versatile and elegant.

#7. Georgette Fabric

Georgette Fabric can't be missed by someone when it comes to picking the sweat wicking, thin and light clothes for hot summer. It is made of silk and synthetic yarns. Also, the fabric is very common and popular because of its free flowing, light weight, thin and soft material.

Summer Season Clothes

You have heard about the georgette fabric for sure. So, you can make this your easy to pick for this summer.

#8. Crepe Fabric

Consider extremely lightweight and soft material when you think about the crepe fabric. This cozy fabric gains popularity because of its flowing silhouette and light texture.

Summer Season Clothes

It is not shiny as satin fabric but exhibits similar properties as other fabrics. If you think for a wonderful dress making material for the summer, think crepe fabric.

#9. Chambray Fabric

Chambray fabric is somewhere looks like denim but light in weight in comparison. So you may have to think for a while before scratching denim off from your collections in your summer wardrobe.

Summer Season Clothes

Chambray fabric is often higher in thread count, which means it's completely woven fiber. You can add that it's a fine fabric for easy breathing that is the best substitute for denim.

#10. Viscose Fabric

Viscose fabric is also another kind of fabric, made from both synthetic and natural threads. It is the perfect go to fabric for sportswear, also you can wear it in summer days and nights. It's also breathable fabric but doesn't absorb heat. Hence, doesn't let you get too sweaty in perspiration.

Summer Season Clothes

It's hard to find the right fabric for the summer season. But before making any choice you must be aware of the type of fabrics. So, at this moment you might be aware of the fabric listed above.

All these summer fabrics make your summer easy and hassle free. But it's not about the fabric you buy, it's about where you buy! Quality fabric is all that can give you comfort and make you feel light even on hot summer and sunny days. For that you won't have to look apart, you can choose Fabriclore - India's best fabric house to buy your choice of fabric at an affordable price.  

Think Fabric, Think Fabriclore to buy soft, comfy and cool summer fabrics at a discounted rate!

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