The Best All-Season Silks of India

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Fashion never takes a holiday, so why should you shy away from it? Every season not only brings a lot of joy & new fashion trends but also tag along seasonal wardrobe mood swings. The moment we encounter flooded roads with dirt and grime of monsoon or heat and sweat of summers, we tend to dump our silks in a jiffy.

However, the road of elegance is not as rocky as it seems! There are a lot of silks that are donned by women across the country all around the year. We have decided to once and for all burst, the myths about the silky winter charm only glows under the frosty moonlight! We bring you a list of silk fabrics that you can wear to channel your inner diva:

Cotton Silk

It's been long believed that silk doesn't do well in most seasons but blend it with cotton and you have the perfect cocktail. Cotton lets your skin breathe will silk adds a luxurious feel to the ensemble. The fusion does not weigh down on you and neither is it sheer, making it a perfect subject for your fashion experiments all year long. A saree has been the go-to when it comes to cotton silk but you can switch it up with the fit and flare dresses of varying lengths.

Chanderi Silk

This lightweight fabric hails from a town of the same name in Madhya Pradesh. The fabric is uniquely shear and by default a good option for Indian summers. Even though the fabric itself is very traditional but it has become very popular among the indo-western designers. Anita Dongre, Atsu Sekhose, Divyam Mehta and Gaurav Jai Gupta are few names amongst the long list of such designers.

Organza Tissue Silk

When one thinks of silk, the first thing that pops into one mind is luxury and that's exactly what Organza tissue silk is all about. Even though it is interwoven with nylon and other synthetics to increase the durability but it still stays true to its form. The fabric gives off a shine but also is paradoxically sheer. Available in a variety of both traditional and contemporary motifs you can put it to great use by making dupattas, sarees or line it with cotton to make full-blown boho chic outfits.

Maheshwari Silk

Crafted by the artisans of Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh this fabric celebrates the union of Mercerized Cotton and Chanderi. As previously discussed both cotton and Chanderi are ideal for rains and it goes without saying that so is Maheshwari silk. It is a heritage fabric and displays an elaborate intricacy of traditional Bagh Motifs, which makes it a great option for fashionistas of all ages. Go all traditional or break the convention and come up with a fusion brainchild.

Banarasi Silk

As the name suggests this craft hails from the culturally rich land of Varanasi formally known as Banaras. One of the most popular kinds of silks in India, you can spot women flaunting it in forms of Heritage Sarees & Dupattas. It displays an elaborate range of traditionally rooted motifs, decked with zari work in vibrant colors and is a common choice of the ladies for festive and wedding occasions.

Patola Silk

Woven in Patan, Gujarat, Patola Silk is a gudarded technique of double Ikat, featuring blurry, geometric and abstract motifs. A premium silk, crafted from the tedious process of dyeing each yarn in a distinct color and then weaving it into the desired form, the exclusivity of this fabric is celebrated amongst the women across the country. One can flaunt Patola Silk sarees all-across the year as formal as well as festive wear.

Mysore Silk

You've probably guessed it by now, yes Mysore indeed is the founding ground of the beloved Mysore silk. On the same lines of all the traditional silks, this too is highly desirable in the saree donning community. Lustrous and luxurious, it has all the qualities to be at the status it has acquired since inception. You can find this fabric in vibrant hues with classic motifs and rich borders - radiating grandeur in every fall. These sarees are apt for weddings and festive occasions celebrated all around the year.

Muga Silk

One of the rarest Silks of the world, Muga silk gets its name from the Assamese word β€œmuga” which translates to the yellow hue, and is befitting due to the distinct golden hue of the fabric. The fabric is the epitome of opulence and commands a premium price. One can use Muga Silk for designing the most lavish and extravagant traditional dresses, hats, stoles, sarees, kurtas and more for celebratory occasions.

These were few options from the list of all-season silks and there you were thinking it cotton or rayon was your only option around the year. Feel like rushing to buy some silks for the approaching monsoon or the summer wedding? We feel you! It’s time to shine bright and walk under the warm sunlight or on the soaked roads with your choice of fabric designed ensembles. Visit for a complete range of Artisanal and Contemporary Fabrics.



Authored By: Sunidhi Gaur

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