Arabic western dresses

Arabic Women's Daily Attire

Arabic Women's Daily Attire

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Abaya is considered one of the modest Arabic western dresses, it is like a free-flowing loose robe pattern attire, used in everyday life. It covers the whole body from top to bottom, and only the hands, feet, and face are left uncovered. Since the day it was invented it was in plain black color. Moreover, to cover their head they wear hijab, which is in normal language a scarf to cover the head so that no hair is visible.  

In earlier ages covering women’s bodies was more about status and safety, rather than giving it religious discrimination. Later on, a new style was introduced in which the pattern was like men's tunics. It was given the name ‘Islamic abaya’ as it was closed from the front side and is easy to slip inside it, unlike the earlier ones. 

But slowly with time, the pattern has enhanced a lot, and now it is available in many different colors, and also designers have given it a new meaning. 

Although there are many types of Arabic dresses a few of them are listed as follows:

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Batwing Abaya 

It is one of the basic abayas in middle east countries. By following the pattern of covering the whole body and with extended sleeves to cover the arm also. There is no restriction on which outfit you can wear, it goes well on jeans/trousers for a casual look. Moreover having a little formal look also will make you look elegant. 

Moreover, to add some sparkle to it, beads or lace can be a good option. Especially on sleeves or just on borders, it will give a classy look. In addition, have matching headscarves.  

Batwing Abaya


Let’s not get confused between a hijab and a burqa. The burqa is a garment that covers the whole body from head to toe, whereas, the hijab covers only the head. You can wear anything under it if you are planning to go out with your friends, wear any trendy clothing from jeans to the abaya. Later on, you can remove the burqa and flaunt yourself with the outfit. 


Sheer Abaya

These are very stylish and graceful, made from lightweight fabrics. Moreover, it allows you to look slimmer and show off some shoulders and lower back. They can go with a maxi dress or with pants. 

Sheer Abaya


What is Islam traditional clothing?
In Islam abaya is considered traditional clothing. It is free-flowing clothing that can be worn on any occasion. Same as the abaya, the burka is also a loose piece of clothing that covers the whole body from head to toe.

What Colour is a traditional abaya?
Traditional abayas are originally black. It was after ages that colors and embellishments started to add on. 

What type of dress is abaya? 

Abayas are loose garments, particularly like a robe dress, especially worn by women, it is a symbol of modesty and a way to stay protected from strangers. 

Do you wear anything under an abaya?

There is no restriction or a rule that a particular type of clothing is necessary. You can go for any outfit underneath.

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