Tips to Improve Sewing Skills

Tips to Improve Sewing Skills

Learning how to sew is one of those "must-have" talents. Although it's more akin to "learning an instrument" than "riding a bike." Learning to ride a bike is a skill that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Nonetheless, if you really want to become an expert seamstress, you'll need to put in the time and effort to sharpen your skills.

The Beginning 

While some people may have an inborn talent for sewing, still everyone must begin from the beginning and learn the basics.

Prepare in Advance

Prepare in Advance

Not only do you need the right equipment and supplies, but you also need to know how to properly use them. Try to avoid stretching or creasing the fabric as you cut and make sure it's perfectly flat. Ensure that the fabric's grain lines up with the intended pattern as well.

These entire steps make sure that you will be in a good place to put together your outfit. This statement goes the same for your measurements too. Many times it is the seam allowance that throws people off. How?

Well, the seam allowance is a margin kept between the cut raw edge and the line you will sew beside. It helps in identifying the final structure and size of the outfit. If you forget to keep the seam, the entire piece of fabric will become useless. 


It's annoying to be halfway done putting together a new outfit only to realize that you forgot an important step.

Remember to read the directions first! Do I need to use a specific kind of stitching? Should I use a sewing machine to stitch or do it by hand? Does the fabric have to be ironed before using it? 

You have to make notes of all the steps and instructions so that you don’t forget them. 

Tools and Techniques

Tools and Techniques

Besides using the basic tools there are other tools that you can buy to make your sewing much easier. These can be-

  1. Rotary cutters- These cutters help in giving an accurate cut to the fabric. 
  2. Bobbin Winders- This tool makes refilling the bobbins super simple and fast.
  3. Threading tool- It helps needles get threaded much faster than doing it by hand. 

Identify the Errors 

The chances that you'll make a blunder are high. It's something we can all relate to. But the solution is by trying to learn from your own mistakes so that you can avoid those errors in the future!

Remember the Details

Remember the Details

Small details play a major part during your sewing projects. For instance, if you press your seams while you are sewing, you can enhance the appearance of the garment. Even the quality of the fabric plays a vital role. If you use the fabric which is cheap and the results will be like that also the stitching tension will cause wrinkles if it is set too low. 

Your Capabilities

Opting for a project that is complicated can make you frustrated and defeating. Besides the main focus is to enhance sewing skills, so working on an ensemble that’s easy will let you focus on basic skills. 

Do not soil the water with too many advanced tools and techniques as you try to get started!

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