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Spray That Turned Into Dress: Bella Hadid

Spray That Turned Into Dress: Bella Hadid

The fashion business has always been known for its daring, as seen by the many off-the-runway and on-the-runway incidents that have gone down in history. Whether it's a celebrity wearing a gown made of real glass or someone merely covering them with tape, there are no limits to what might pass as fashionable these days.

This time we all had a little hint that something big was to be expected from Corperni SS23 during Paris Fashion Week. But what happened was beyond our imagination and we doubt if anyone could have foreseen the finale that created such a buzz with wide-eyed fascination. 



The last day of Paris Fashion Week 2022  was the closing night of the Coperni runway, and to celebrate, a group of scientists sprayed Bella Hadid with a revolutionary new liquid that gradually transformed into actual clothing. Hadid walked the runway one last time while wearing the spray-on dressing to show it off to the audience. Ofcourse, you won't believe it until you see it!

Coperni, co-founded by Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer in 2019, is renowned for its reputation as a pioneer in the fashion industry through its use of cutting-edge scientific research. Vaillant told ELLE UK earlier this year, "the brand is named after Copernicus, the Renaissance period astronomer, so it's inspired by science, progress, innovation, and technology." Copernicus has dabbled with hand-blown glass handbags, antimicrobial apparel, and XR-shot commercials.

Spanish fashion designer and scientist Manel Torres worked with his colleagues at London's Bioscience Innovation Center to develop the spray-on suit for SS23. The spray is made from Torres' Fabrican liquid, which consists of fibers floating in a polymer solution and evaporates on contact with the skin. It may be recovered, refined, and recycled for future use as a solution.

For some reason, I couldn't help but think of the iconic Spring 1999 Alexander McQueen show, whereby model Shalom Harlow's white gown was spray-painted in real time using car-paint equipment.

Alexander McQueen Show

Alexander McQueen show

No. 13 was a contemporary take on a '90s classic. Near the end of the presentation, the seemingly monochromatic collection of mesh gowns, smooth gray satin, and stunning needlework morphed into a technological spectacle. At the conclusion of the show, the robots were activated, and they splashed paint all over the model Shalom Harlow's white, strapless gown. As a result? The crowd gave this stunning sculpture a standing ovation once they saw it painted black and green.


What was Bella Hadid's spray-on dress made of?

The dress was made up of a suspension of polymers and additives.

What was Bella Hadid sprayed with?

She was prayed with a Fabrican, a liquid fabric created by Manel Torres, a fashion designer by education. 

How did they spray a dress on Bella Hadid?

Natural and synthetic fibers are mixed with liquid polymers in an aerosol can to create a non-woven fabric that may then be sprayed. A woman then altered Ms. Hadid's clothing after spraying her, and it behaved normally throughout the fashion show.


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