Dubai A Dreamy Place

Dubai A Dreamy Place

Have you ever fallen in love with something at one glance?

Dubai is a place, with which you will fall in love again and again. Its cultural heritage, mesmerizing locations, resorts, Burj Khalifa, and dancing fountains will take your heart away. This place is different from others as the tour ends within three to four days when you go out with your family to spend vacations. But here take out a month for yourself and then go, as there are so many places and things to do that you will fall short of time. Furthermore, because of ground oils, Dubai is known as the city of gold, but except that there is a lot more.   

Moreover, Dubai is famous for its huge malls, luxury cars, makeup, dates, million-worth mansions, and much more. 

Dubai A Dreamy Place

Do you know?

Many Hollywood and Bollywood actors and actresses have bought their houses in Dubai. Though Dubai is a dreamy place it is given the least importance. As soon as vacation comes everyone rushes to either Paris, London, or any other place. But slowly celebrities have shown their love for Dubai and its exotic places. Celebrities that have houses or apartments in Dubai are loving the open space and beach view.

Dubai A Dreamy Place


Madonna is an exceptional singer, actress, and mother of six kids who owes a net worth of $850million. She has a great love for big mansions and it can be seen from the locations they are situated in, for instance, London, California, NewYork, Portugal, and Dubai. In Dubai, her mansion is 1400 meters big with a private beach, unique designs, and every luxury everyone dreams of. Moreover, the most fascinating thing is that there is an aquarium with dolphins in it, inside the underground living room. 

Dubai A Dreamy Place

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, a man who got all the name and fame all by himself is the heartbeat of many people. He is the amongst the richest men with a net worth of Rs. 5300 cr. approximately. His house in Mumba, famously known as Mannat was built for about Rs. 200 cr. and it is not the only property that he owns. Regardless of where he owns a house, the interiors of each house are done by her wife Gauri Khan.      

Moreover, he owns a private island in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. It is known as the largest human-made island on the planet. He calls his island Jannat, which is around Rs. 18 cr. and is about as vast as 14,000sq ft. One amazing thing about this is that it is open for visitors to come to and stay.  

Dubai A Dreamy Place

Shilpa Shetty

A well-renowned actress and wife of Raj Kundra, most of the time spend their holidays in Dubai. Shilpa Shetty's husband gifted her an apartment in the Burj Khalifa as a wedding gift. But later on, they sold it out as they felt like having a home rather than just an apartment. Still, in search of a good ho most of the tie, they go there and stay in the Palm Jumeirah private beach villa. 

Dubai A Dreamy Place


How much does a house in Dubai cost?

Per square foot in Dubai buying a house is from  AED 1,021 to 1,235. But a lot depends upon the area you are buying. Then the prices will vary a lot. 

Cheap areas to buy a house in Dubai?

Relatably cheap areas to buy a house in Dubai are Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Production City, Dubai Sports City, and International Stay.

What are the best neighborhoods in Dubai?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Dubai are Jumeriah Village Triangle, Emirates Hills, Al Barari, Al Furjan, Dubai Marina, and many more.


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