A Sneak Peek Inside Neetu Kapoor & Late Rishi Kapoor's Home

A Sneak Peek Inside Neetu Kapoor & Late Rishi Kapoor's Home

Do you know what the home of Bollywood's most adored & charming couple looked like in the 90's?

If you are thinking about Neetu Kapoor and Late Rishi Kapoor then you are right!

The home that they share is a living demonstration of how love and trust have the power to transform the world. The Kapoors have shown the significance of love and bonding via their work on true classic pieces of filmmaking together as well as the construction of such a stunning home for their family. 

Let's continue on and have a peek at their elegant home in the Palli Hills, Mumbai.

Pristine Living Room of the Kapoor Family

Home Décor

The colors you paint your walls with define who you are as a person and have a significant impact on the atmosphere in your home. It would seem that Neetu and Rishi Kapoor's household aligns with this psychological reality since they have decorated their home with calming hues that complement the beige tone of their furnishings

The choice of white as the dominating color in the living room's interior design may immediately put even the most stressed person into a state of relaxation.

Most of Kapoor's furnishings have single shade self printed cotton jacquard material for sofa cushion covers. Still, people wonder whether they have mirrors in their living area? Is their sofa set in ivory color? And so on. 

Don’t worry we will answer all your queries!

When it comes to the selection of furniture for the living room, each piece exudes sophistication and refinement. Above the solid brown carpet is a glass center table that is put in front of each of the couches.

Their living room floor is covered in gray and white marble that has been artistically placed. While some of the ceilings are painted white and the remainder has the appearance of an old hardwood floor, it is partially whitewashed. Because of Neetu Kapoor's deep appreciation for the visual arts, her living room has a number of enormous artworks.

Mirrors are strategically placed throughout Neetu and Rishi Kapoor's home, giving the illusion that the space is more expansive than it really is.

In the Kapoor's House, a Creative Haven

Home Décor

The Kapoors have already combined refinement and elegance in their home by selecting color palettes that are calming to the eye.

The married couple's living room has a full-size artwork that is hung just behind the sofa, turning the room's focal point towards the painting. Their passion for antiquities and paintings is evident in the several other paintings that fill the corners and large walls of their living room. These also add a touch of spiciness to those calming hues, which is really very nice.

Despite the fact that white, beige, and brown make up the majority of the color palette of their home, Neetu and Rishi Kapoor has created a space that is anything from routine. The Kapoors have accessorized the glass coffee table in their living room with a few ornamental crystal pieces and a few silver masterpieces to compliment the furniture that they have purchased.

The cornerstone of the Krishnaraj home is love, trust, and numerous memories that have been made through the years by multiple generations of the Kapoor family, including some of the most legendary actors and actresses in the history of Indian cinema.

Here's a video of Rishi Kapoor Aand Neetu's Iconic Bunglow Krishna Raj To Undergo A Complete Makeover according to SpotboyE

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