Textile Forum: London’s Luxury Fashion Fabric Show

Textile Forum: London’s Luxury Fashion Fabric Show

Textile Forum Exhibition is a place where you can find all the fabrics in the world under one roof. For the past twenty years, it has been a platform where designers source high-quality fabrics with a minimum order quantity as low as one meter. Almost every fabric is available from stock from well-established chiefly UK-based companies that are in collaboration with leading fashion houses across the world. 

Textile Forum: London’s Luxury Fashion Fabric Show

Predominantly, the event attracts fabric buyers, retailers, brands, established independent design businesses and start-ups, tailors, craft shops, costumiers, and many more. 

Moreover, the collection was major of lace, silk, wool, leather, cottonviscose, and sustainable textiles for womenswear, menswear, bridalwear, lingerie, and interiors. Moreover, there are accessories also such as buttons, linings, and labels. 

Later in the year 2021, UK Fashion Textile Business took over ownership of this fruitful event and became part of the vast range of activities that are undertaken to support the UK fashion and textile industry. In addition, it promoted these sectors in the domestic market throughout the world.  

Alice Timmis 


It is a London-based woven and embroidery textile studio. And is offering custom fabric design development, and manufacturing. People can buy already existing designs at a reasonable deal. For instance, at a minimum quantity of approximately five meters. Furthermore, the star of the exhibition was their Italian woven jacquard collection. The specialty of this studio is that they have an exclusive collection, which means one design is sold once only. In addition, they promote sustainability through their collection and selection of yarns. 

Anbo Textiles


It is a European fabric importer of fabrics like printed cotton craft fabrics. In the textile forum, they presented the collection from Japan, Shannon fabrics, and soft cuddle fabric. Moreover,  many beautiful designs by Robert Kaufman and Marcus Brothers including chambrays, printed corduroys, cotton lawns, linen mix quality fabric, and a lot more were there on the show. 



Bellwoven private limited has been established for the past forty years. It is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and supply of garment accessories. They have a wide range of options for sustainable and recycled fabrics. In addition, their packaging includes woven labels, ribbons, swing tickets, printed care labels, poly bags, boxes, tissue paper, and many other items.   

Bernstein and Banleys


Bernstein and Banleys business was established in the year 1953. Its specialty is in linings and trimmings. The best part about them is that they maintain a high level of quality and services for their customers. Their collection includes 100% silk, cotton, and rayon linings. With exclusive prints such as on, jacquards, satins, stretch, taffetas, and twills. Naby fashion designers, couture houses, theatrical costumiers, wedding dress designers, bespoke tailors, military uniform makers, and high-end ready-to-wear brands take bulk fabric from here. 

Bridal Fabrics


Bridal Fabrics has a vast collection of lace available both in polyester and silk fabrics. And also lace trims, appliques, and crystal embellishments are the fun part of their collection. They offer many benefits like worldwide shipping, some woven fabrics inside their mills, no minimum quantity requirement, and more. 


How many times is Textile Forum Fabric Show held in a year? 

Textile Forum Fabric Show is held twice a year, and London plays the main host for this event. 

Can anyone buy fabrics from Textile Forum Fabric Show? 

Yes, anyone can buy fabric from here with a bonus of no minimum order quantity. 

Which is the most famous fabric in the Textile Forum Fabric Show?

There is no fabric, in particular, that is famous. As there are numerous fabrics with varied patterns, embellishments, and colors, that are in demand by everyone. 


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