A Peek into The Traditional Clothing of Dubai

A Peek into The Traditional Clothing of Dubai

When it comes to the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, in particular, the Western world has a lot of preconceived notions about traditional Dubai clothing. The Arabic tradition of dress is exclusive to Islam and is hardly known beyond the Muslim world. The United Arab Emirates, with the notable exception of Dubai, is a very conservative country in which dress is given great importance in religious practice. 

Considering the high volume of tourists who flock to Dubai, the city has adopted a casual clothing policy. Women are still expected to cover up, even if western clothes are acceptable. In conclusion, you may get a feel of Dubai's sense of style if you remember that it is still a developing nation with Islamic traditions.

In this blog, we will discuss the different types of traditional clothing worn by residents so let’s get started.

1. Abaya

raditional Clothing of Dubai

Dubai and the United Arab Emirates' national dress consists of several pieces of clothing. The abaya is long and beautiful, and it conceals the wearer's identity to everyone save the eyes and the fingertips. Females mostly prefer abaya to be made of either georgette or cotton fabric. Commonly, it is a dark shade of black. Some females also prefer to veil their faces and hands with Niqaab and Gafaaz.

2. Burqa


A burqa (sometimes spelled burka) is a kind of Islamic women's outerwear. The main purpose of these garments is to hide a woman's body in public. It is usually worn as an extra layer over regular clothes and taken off when a woman returns home and is with her family.

3. Kaffiyeh


This headscarf is a traditional accessory for males. Ghutrah or shemagh are other names in certain other Arabic-speaking countries. It serves as the national crown in Dubai and other Arab countries. The kaffiyeh's original purpose was to shield the wearer's head from the scorching sands of the desert, but nowadays it is also used as a badge of honor and a sign of prestige. A kaffiyeh is a square of cloth draped over a man's head in Arab culture.

4. Agal


The kaffiyeh is worn with a special ensemble that is unique to the city of Dubai. The kaffiyeh may be secured in place with a black agal, that is wrapped around the wearer's head. A common form is a black band or a pipe with a black fitting. Typically, goat hair is used for this. It has many different names: Iqal, Egal, and Igal.

5. Kandura


This clothing is analogous to the female Abaya in style and function. This is worn by men to cover their whole bodies in public. The Thawb, or Thob, is a long robe worn by men in the Middle East. It is typically white, although other colors are available during the winter. A man's wealth and status are represented by the length of his Kandura dress. Those with prestige wear robes that reach their ankles, while regular Arabians display their humility by donning Kanduras that are much shorter and less ornate.

6. Gishwa


In the United Arab Emirates, it serves as a symbol of femininity and is worn by women. The gishwa is a little piece of cloth worn by women to cover their faces while yet allowing them to be seen.

7. Hijab


Muslim women in Arabia often wear full-length veils called hijabs. Putting it on, a woman's hair, face, and ears are all concealed. It's common parlance to use the term "hijab" when referring to any head covering worn by a woman, although technically this refers to a particular style of the head wrap. The Shayla is a popular kind of hijab since it is easy to put on and takes up less space in a bag.

8. Ghafiyah


The Ghafiyah is a kind of headwear similar to the prayer caps worn by Muslims. The Ghafiyah, which is worn beneath the Kaffiyeh to protect the wearer's head from the sun, is much more elaborately embroidered, but it is unseen.


What is the dress code for Dubai?
In Dubai, the usual norm for public attire is to wear clothes that cover the shoulders and knees. Both men and women should avoid wearing apparel that is overly tight or too exposing.

Who can wear a kandura?

Emirati men dress in a long, single robe known as a dishdasha or kandura.

What are Dubai robes called?
In Saudi Arabia, Dubai robes are known as thawb.

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