Let's Spread Smiles On World Smile Day

Let's Spread Smiles On World Smile Day

"Learn to smile at every situation. See it as an opportunity to prove your strength and ability" - Joe Brown.

The first Friday of October marks World Smile Day (October 7), a relatively young holiday with a fascinating history. Harvey Ball, a commercial artist, established this day when he was criticized for inventing the smiley face. Harvey feared that the symbol's meaning would be watered down if it became commercialized. We can't say we blame him seeing that the symbol has been printed on shirts, comic books, mugs, lapel pins, and more. These little yellow smileys are a statement about the value of spreading joy, not just a sign.

World Smile Day And Its History

World Smile Day and its History

In 1963, graphic designer and businessman Harvey Ball of Worcester, Massachusetts, created the smiley face icon. The prevalence of this icon increased dramatically in the domain of mainstream culture. Each artist strives to have their work recognized and imitated, and few symbols have endured as long as Harvey's creation.

Over the years, the smiling face has gained recognition across the globe and is today considered an iconic symbol. It has appeared in movies like "Forest Gump" and comic books like "Watchmen." We have no doubt that you will recognize it at the mere mention of the words "smiley face." 

The yellow circle with the black dots representing eyes and the basic curve representing a genuine smile is instantly recognizable. On the other hand, the original smiley face was more elongated, looked a touch more drawn, and covered more of the face than modern recreations. Abuse caused it to stray from its original goal of friendship and happiness, and he knew he had to do something about it.

In 1999, World Smile Day was established as a public holiday in an effort to regain command. Simple yet effective, the day was celebrated by encouraging people all over the world to brighten each other's days with a smile and some little act of kindness. Harvey wanted to keep the smile associated with the individual. Your happy expression would likely brighten the day of the person you were with!

How Can You Make Difference?

How can you make difference?

For World Smile Day, the goal is simple: make as many people laugh as possible. You may visit an orphanage or an elderly home and spend time with those who don't have families, or you can hand out gifts like handbags, accessories, clothing, or food to kids in need at a stoplight.

Ask yourself, "Do I smile every day?" Are you surrounded by happy people? If not, then you could be experiencing stress. Motivate them to drop some of their worries and join a comedy group. Recruiting new members and inspiring them to improve themselves is a worthy goal for any day, but especially on World Smile Day.

If you have great connections in the medical community, you may arrange for a talk with psychiatrists to be given at local schools and colleges, or to community organizations.

There's always the option of organizing a "fun day" for the office. Have everyone dress in bright colors and unusual sayings. They will be happy to come to work each day, and it will show in their output. 


What is National World Smile Day?

World Smile Day, a relatively new celebration with a rich history, falls on the first Friday of October. Harvey Ball, a commercial illustrator, created this day after being chastised for developing the happy face.

How can we celebrate World Smile Day?

You can celebrate the day by doing various things like doing something kind for someone out of the blue, putting a smiley face emoji on all your text messages, or putting a smile on everyone's face by handing out stickers with happy expressions. Just remember to be sure to provide a kind greeting to everyone you encounter.

Who started Smile Day?

Harvey Ball initiated the concept of World Smile day. 


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