Bubbling Fashion Designers

Bubbling Fashion Designers

Buckle up your thoughts as bubbling fashion designers from across the globe have created a hurley-burly amongst the public. For several years, the place was acquired by big shots like Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gianni Versace. But slowly and steadily youngsters with their exquisite skills are driving everyone crazy. As they are from a new generation, they have seen and analyzed many different fashion styles. So their designs are an upgradation and fusion of many cultures. Many prestigious awards have also been given to them. 

Angel Chen


Angel Chen is a young girl who is born and brought up in China. With her skills, she has secured a name amongst the top young fashion designers. Her designs are very bold and have sculptural designs which fuse conceptual and architectural silhouettes. Moreover, she was the first Chinese designer who collaborated with H & M, with a 45-piece capsule collection in the year 2019.   


Her collection was showcased at London, Milan, and Shanghai Fashion Weeks. In the Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear collection, there was a touch of Mongolian culture. And each piece was made by local artisans and was photographed in different Mongolian landscapes. Outfits were simple from workwear-ready button-down shirts and jumpsuits with hand embroidery. In addition, there were ponchos, jackets, and hoodies intricate with woven tapestries. Furthermore, a sleeveless dress with a high collar was made from a blanket. 

Bethany Williams


Bethany Williams is a British fashion designer, who is known for her skills in crafting sustainable clothes. Her collection is an amalgamation of upcycled waste fabrics turned into lively garments. Moreover, she works with Magpie Project in London, which aims to support families who have no legal rights to the U.K. government. Such social initiatives have made a special place in everyone’s heart. The surprising thing about her is that she is only thirty-one years old. And has won awards like the Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design and British Fashion Council/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2022. 


Recently in her collection, she has specialized in making patchwork blanket coats. In addition, the collection is also for kids made with different fabric patches. The color palette is very subtle yet fun, for instance, white combined with other soothing colors. For her collection, Bethany told that ‘she has been sourcing fabric from Seiza, who produces organic yarns.’  

Kiko Kostadinov


Kiko Kostadinov is a Bulgarian fashion designer, now settled in London. Currently, he is the creative director of his label as well as of the British heritage brand Mackintosh. Moreover, he produced footwear for his label’s Autumn/ Winter collection. Which was in collaboration with the Japanese brand ASICS. 


In his collection for women, you can find elements of girlishness and glam. There is a different kind of sexuality, especially in long tunic tops that have a single hook in the front. Also, skirts were bubbled-up with flares, shaggy knit dresses, hems, and bell sleeves. In addition, for menswear, he describes the collection as ‘ a simple idea’.  

Marine Serre

Marine Serre

Marine Serre is a French fashion designer who won the LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers in 2017. Her most famous collection is the graduation show ‘Radical Call For Love’ in 2016. Before the world knew her, she used to work for Balenciaga, and along with that was working on her line. 2018 was the first time when her collection was showcased on the Paris runway. Marine has specialized in her creative skills by making garments with upcycled materials such as old lace table cloth and vintage silk scarves. Moreover, in 2019 she collaborated with an air-filtration mask company to produce branded air-purifying masks. 

Her recent collection focuses on themes that have roots in culture and environmental ethics. There was an upgradation in tweed coats, collaged upcycled knits, quilted bed cloths, and camouflage prints to create attractive clothes. She defines her collection with deconstructionism, by making garments from various fabrics and leaving some threads hanging on sleeves, giving them a rugged look.    

Angus Chiang 


Angus Chiang is a menswear label that was established in the year 2015. All his designs were inspired by Taiwanese culture, reading, and life experiences. Particularly the nightlife, rave, and street culture are mixed in his designs. His personal experiences of a happy life were visible in the comfortable patterns which he chose. Furthermore, his  2016 graduation collection was presented at the London Graduate Fashion Week. The collection was very daring and chromatic, it was presented under the name ‘Sailing to the Moon.’  Moreover, Chiang’s creative studio also works on limited home decorations, furniture, and office supplies.  


Also, he is very popular for his gender-fluid designs. His Spring 2020 collection was also very poppy, with vibrant tones of green, orange, pink, blue, and yellow. Oversized t-shirts, trousers, jackets, and blazers with a little print on them were presented on the runway. Although, there was no glam in the attires still the basic pattern and colors had everyone’s attention. Moreover, the collection could be worn in daily casual wear.    

Richard Quinn


Richard Quinn is a fashion and print designer based in London. In 2016, his graduate collection won the H & M Design Award. Later in 2017, he was named the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN one-to-watch and was also awarded exhibition space in the LFW Designer Showrooms. The most precious show till now was when Queen Elizabeth II attended his Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. As it was very rare that Queen attended a commercial runway show. This led to one more award which was Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design, presented by Queen herself. 


Quinn launched his 11-piece capsule range that was mixed with high-street retailer Debenhams. Moreover, the first edition of his new collection celebrated a floral blend of fashion, which was also a homage to his colorful designs. Moreover, his Spring 2023 Ready-To-Wear collection was a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Most of the collection consisted of heavily veiled black lace, depicting the mourning of the Queen. In addition, he turned Queen’s black swing coats into 1950s formal dresses, vast capes in lurex, and a velvet tunic dress with a big glittering jeweled brooch. Furthermore, the model's faces were covered with floor-length lace veils or masked with netting, and only a tiny black crown was visible. 


Who is the youngest luxury fashion designer in the world?

Kheris Rogers an eleven-year-old girl has been chosen as the youngest fashion designer. Her designs were showcased at Harlem Fashion Week at the Museum of New York City.  Moreover, all her designs are a depiction of her inner chaos which is aroused due to bullying for her skin tone. 

British young fashion designer, who rules 2022?

Steven Stokey Daley, became the English charm this year. For his stupefying skills, he has won the 2022 Edition of the LVMH Prize for Young Designers. Celebrities like Harry Styles and many others are fans of his designs. 

Who is India’s youngest fashion designer?

Vidhi Karva is a girl of nine years old from Pune, India. She became the youngest fashion designer with her intricate skills. Moreover, her collection was showcased at the Dubai World Fashion Week. She has created evening wear with jewel tones and shimmers that gave volume to the attires. 


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