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Modal Satin Fabric

    23 products

    23 products

    Plain Dyeable Lenzing Modal Satin Fabric -
    60s (165 x 104) Lenzing Modal Satin Fabric

    Per Meter

    7.5 meters in stock
    Indigo Hand Block Modal Satin Fabric

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    9.0 meters in stock
    60'S ( 165x104 ) Lenzing Modal Satin Fabric -
    60s (165 x 104) Lenzing Modal Satin Fabric

    Per Meter

    74.0 meters in stock

    Most commonly known as Modal Satin, Modal fabric is a soft and flowy fabric. It is mostly acclaimed for its lustre and sleek texture. It is a semi-synthetic fabric made from the pulp of beech trees. Modal is a kind of rayon fabric; that is, it is slightly more durable and flexible. To give extra strength to the fabric, often fibers like cotton and spandex are added. Due to its feel and cost, Modal is considered a luxurious fabric. It can be easily said that Modal satin is much more expensive than cotton or viscose fabric.

    The fabric was basically developed in Japan during the 1950s. However, presently it is manufactured by the Australian company "Lenzing AG". The company also produces vasous versions of the material which are either finely knit or lighter in weight than standard modal fabric. 

    Extending its elegance in every outfit, pick your option with Fabriclore’s exclusive collection with digital and quirky prints dyed in the pop or rustic tones of earth. Based on its nature, the collection is ideal to craft various stories which are closer to the skin. The comfortable nature of the fabric is enhanced with the natural dyes, making it perfect for skin. With such fluid fabric, you can craft gowns, skirts, dresses, and so on.