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1244 products

1244 products

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A designer blouse is quintessential for a heavily embellished saree. In a way, without a designer saree blouse, we can call a traditional attire incomplete. On the flip side, it is not that easy to find the right companion - a fancy designer blouse is a hard find. Since the trend changes almost every year, "latest designer blouse" has become more of an umbrella term encompassing everything that you would like to have on your saree, irrespective of its modernity. However, the tricky part is finding the right fabric. Once a fabric is finalised the next part is to design it in such a way that it adds versatility to your outfit.

At Fabriclore, we tend to find a solution for both the challenges discussed above. Firstly, to quench the drought of blouse pieces, we have our collection that boasts more than 200 materials to choose from! For designing your blouse, we have an exclusive lineup within our Pre-Cut section entitled "Blouse Piece", wherein you can find cut blouse material suitable for adding glamour to your simple designer blouse. Some of the ways you can design are to experiment with the kind of sleeve you would want on your saree blouse. Sophisticated blouse works can add a hint of contemporary look to your traditional Indian Saree look!Ā 

Speaking of contemporary fashion, the fabrics you can purchase from our store will give you enough freedom to go beyond an embroidered blouse. The fabric for crop-tops, vests and Kurti can also be used as a blouse for your saree! While Ladies Tops and Ladies Blouses are the first two things to cross your mind, our Blouse Piece collection also suits well for crafts & detailing on any attire. You have your saree, we have your blouse - make your choice!

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