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Pre-cut Fabrics

    1170 products

    1170 products

    Hand made by artisans, Handpicked for you, by Fabriclore.

    Pre-Cut Fabrics are the most sought after kind of decoration fabrics. Having a profound significance amongst the DIY project enthusiasts, Precuts are essentially cut piece fabric(or cut piece dress material, for that matter), shaped and sized for a particular function. Ultimately, the use of cloth cut piece ensures that no fabric is left unused, or wasted - playing a pivotal role in the overall sustainability of your textile project. Although we may feel as if a small portion of leftover fabric won't harm much, the statistics show otherwise. Among 80 billion garments produced each year, as much as 16.5% of them end up in landfills. This dumped fabric will take more than a century to decompose and till then, harmful greenhouse emissions will continue to degrade the atmosphere.

    Crafting flowers with cloth or wool is one of the most popular projects with such cut piece materials, hence the name, "flower making fabric". At Fabriclore, you can buy a cotton cut piece online. Our "Premium Pre-Cut" collection boasts more than 500 products among which you will notice Mashru Silks, Banarasi Silk, Chanderi Fabric, and many others. All of these are sized to your needs, and can be used for designing stoles, embroidery work for Saris, and whatnot! In addition to our exclusive collection of pre-cut silks, we have also stocked our inventory with cotton cut piece materials - something that DIY enthusiasts would drool over! 

    When it comes to Online Cut Piece Cloth, the tricky part is purchasing the right measurements. To ensure you have a good experience while shopping, we have developed our interface in a manner you can purchase cut piece cloth wholesale with the requisite measurement and quantity. You can choose between cotton cut piece for Blouse piece, with 1 metre and up to and above 2 metres in measurement, and last but not the least - Premium Pre-Cuts, all segregated to be browsed at ease. Don't wait for your creative mind to magically awaken itself - test your brain by making the first move - the purchase. Now is the right time as our fabric cut pieces are for sale, waiting for your haul!

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    As spring unfolds its warm hues, here's our fresh take on the changing season. Vasant Bela, a collection imitating the beautiful transition of season. With Handblock print & Kantha embroidery cotton fabric being the showstopper, the collection houses an amalgamation of fabric materials. With summer right next door, every smart dresser is already eyeing the curation of soothing cotton & rayon fabrics. It's time to craft your summer story.