Taking on Unknown Waters


We are a team of really passionate, patient and free-thinking individuals, and our complimenting personal & professional pedigree make us even more unique. Consistent persuasion is the common thread binding us together.


Vijay Sharma

Co-founder & CEO

Vijay comes from an entirely alien Oil & Gas industry in the world of Fabrics and has been a serial entrepreneur. An absolute ninja in management & execution, Vijay brings in the best of his hard earned leadership that also helped him build his other successful venture Ozone Plan Design Services

Sandeep Sharma

Founder & VP - Operations

Sandeep breathes fabric everyday and has been doing it for more than a generation. His passion for fabrics runs skin deep and he is the go-to guy to find the most unique fabrics from across India.

Anupam Arya

Co-founder & VP - MARCOM & Strategy

Anupam is a creative design thinker and tech buff. He is fanatic about finer details within the sphere of Design, Strategy and Web.