Beyond Social Impact

A Business Model Built On Social Impact


Independence yet dependent sounds like a paradox, similar to the reality of the world which is an amalgamation of Jada (Matter) and Chetana (Consciousness). Both so different yet tightly coupled. And only when this inherent duality is balanced, we create a world that is sustainable and growing at the same time. This is what Fabriclore is at its philosophical core.

We are on course to bring the balance by reversing the tide of centrally manufactured fast fashion.

We are bringing back the tradition of people buying the fabric, made across India by independent artisans and manufacturers and engaging designers and local boutiques to get them stitched locally. We were founded on this basic ideology. That's how we create a balance between independence and dependence.

Independent Makers

When thousands of artisans across India and other parts of the world create their livelihood at their native place from traditions carried forward for generations, we help build a society that is independent yet dependent.

Independent Consumer

When consumer engage local boutiques, designers and themselves in making a product absolutely unique to them, we help build a society that is independent yet dependent.

Fabriclore Pattern

A Holistic Change










Join in Making an Impact

When you choose to buy a fabric over mass produced stitched garments, engage in designing yourself or with a designer and get it locally stitched, you contribute in the balance that we all are pursuing. This choice becomes even more important when the world around us is getting imbalanced by human activity. Fabriclore is one of those choices that can make the difference.