Abaca Fabric

Abaca Fabric

What is Abaca Fabric?

  • It is a natural fiber that originated in the Philippines from a Musa textilis plant. 
  • It is a hard fiber, where mature plants are processed and turned into fibers similar to flax and hemp
  • Finer fibers which are 5m long are used to weave cloth whereas the coarser fibers are used in mats and durable cordage. 
Abaca Fabric


  • Prior to the usage of synthetic textiles, Musa textilis was a major source for the creation of high-quality fibers that are soft and silky. 
  • Origin of abaca is thought to have originated from the eastern Philippines. 
  • The interior forest in the Island province of Catanduanes comprises numerous varieties of Abaca. 
  • Europeans came to know about the Abaca fiber when Ferdinand Magellan came to the Philippines in 1521. 
  • Whereas, throughout the Spanish Colonial era, it was referred to as “Medriñaque” fabric. 
  • By 1897, around 10,000 tons of abaca fabric were exported from the Philippines, making it one of the three-biggest crops along with tobacco and sugar. 
Abaca Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric has a smooth texture with a combed yarn which is pleasant to touch. 


Abaca fabric is a durable and breathable fabric


It has a mottled appearance and a luster surface. 

Application & Usage


Dresses, pants, shirts, coats, etc.


Hats, shoes, lampshades, book covers, etc.

Home Furnishing

Curtains, pillow covers, mats, tablecloths, etc.


Care Instructions

  • Wash the fabric in the machine, keeping different colored clothes separate. 
  • To remove stains, pre-treat the fabric with stain remover and then wash it. 
  • Do not dry the fabric on a string as it will crease the cloth. 
  • Use tumble dry in light mode.
  • Iron the fabric at a high temperature.  

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