Barathea Fabric


What is Barathea Fabric? 

  • Barathea fabric is a high-end English fabric that is intricately woven and has a broken rib pattern and a minor diagonal weaving look. 
  • Its surface seems grainy along with being smooth to touch. 
  • Used mostly for suits and uniforms, but also suitable for formalwear for males.
Barathea fabric


  • The origin of this enduring weave may be traced back to 14th century in England,
  • Barathea, like a satin weave, has a delicate texture and a somewhat pebbled look and matte finish. 
  • Originally designed as a sombre fabric, this weave is now more often seen on the lapels of smoking jackets and other formal evening clothing.
  • Barathea were produced only in black, brown, and blue shades due to yarn used in manufacturing being in limited colours.
Barathea fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Barathea fabric is exceptionally smooth and has a silky and soft touch. 


It looks luxurious because of the high-quality fibres used to make it.


It provides strong thermal insulation and is warm.

Application And Usage 


Dresses, Men’s evening suit, Dinner jacket etc. 


Neck tie, Hats, Headbands, Scarves etc. 

Care Instruction 

  • Wash the barathea cloth gently with mild detergents.
  • To remove stains from formal barathea suits, use dry cleaning.
  • Wash the fabric before using it as it has the risk of shrinking.
  • You may either line dry it or dry it in the dryer.
Barathea fabric

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