Angora knit fabric

Angora Fabric

Angora Fabric

What is Angora Fabric?

  • Angora Fabric is made from the fur of Angora rabbits.
  • Its fiber is very thin with a fine diameter with a halo effect on each strand.
  • It gives a shiny finish to the fabric or any item made with it.
  • Each strand looks like a finished product and a fur layer creates fluffiness. 
  • It is sometimes blended with other types of fabrics to add a little more softness.
  • A perfect definition of luxury, as its texture, is very fluffy and light in weight. 
  • Angora knit fabric is most popular amongst knitters and spinners. 
  • Along with this there are many types, for instance, Angora wool fabric,  silk, and jersey.
What is Angora Fabric


  • The idea originated in Turkey when some people found angora rabbits over there.
  • Many women over there were wearing clothing of these rabbits' fur.
  • Later on, all these rabbits were taken to France and soon in the whole world. 
Angora Fabric

What makes it stand out


Its fine threads give bounce to the fabric and protect it from extreme cold. As its fibers are hollow and trap heat. 


Gives a shiny appearance to the outfit.

Application & Usage


Baby clothes, Sweaters, Millinery, suits, and much more.


Hairbands, Scarfs, Mittens, etc.

Care Instruction

  • Wash only by hand and in cold or lukewarm water.
  • Do not give it for dry cleaning.
  • Add vinegar while washing to maintain its properties.
  • Wash only when it's extremely dirty or else it will lose its beauty.
  • To dry the fabric keep it under the shade.
Care Instruction

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