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What is Batiste Fabric?

  • Batiste is a kind of semi-transparent plain-weave fabric that is often used by the textile industry in the production of lightweight clothing, lingerie, and bedding. 
  • It is a fine cloth made from cotton, wool, polyester, or a blend, and the softest of the lightweight opaque fabrics.
  • Batiste is a luxurious fabric despite the fact that it can be found for a reasonable price. It is highly valued for its ability to be lightweight and semi-transparent.
Batiste Fabric


  • Batiste is a delicate fabric that can be woven from cotton or linen, similar to cambric. It has a balanced plain weave. It was common practice to use batiste as the lining material for high-quality clothes. Lingerie and handkerchiefs made of cotton batiste are two more common use of batiste (batiste de soie).
  • In 1901, the "standard French term for cambric" or "used in trade to a fine texture of linen and cotton" were the definitions given for the word "batiste" in Chambers' Twentieth Century Dictionary of the English Language.
  • The French term batiste has been in use since 1590, and the English word "cambric" is a synonym of batiste. The term "batiste" originates from the Picard word "batiche," which has been documented as early as 1401, and is ultimately derived from the ancient French word "battre," which means "to bow wool." 
  • As shown by the usage of the phrases thoile batiche (1499) and toile de baptiste (1536) for the same cloth, the present form batiste or baptiste originates from a popular merge with the surname Baptiste, pronounced Batisse. 
  • There is no evidence to support the claim that the fabric was first woven about the year 1300 by a weaver named Baptiste or Jean-Baptiste Cambray or Chambray, who was from the hamlet of Castaing in the peerage of Marcoing, which is close to Cambrai.
Batiste Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out?


The fabric is lightweight and soft. 




It is a dull fabric with no shine. 


Batiste is a semi-sheer fabric that is it is slightly opaque  

Applications & Uses


Shirts, trousers, blouses, skirts, etc.

Home Furnishing 

Bedsheets, cushion covers, etc.

Care Instructions

  • The best method to wash the fabric is to use cold water and wash them by hand.
  • Hang drying is recommended.
  • If creases do form, do not apply heat to your iron.
  • It's preferable to use a cool iron.
Batiste Fabric

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