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What is Tweed Fabric? 

  • Tweed is a coarse woolen fabric that has a soft, open, and flexible feel. It is similar to cheviot and homespun in appearance, although it is woven more tightly.
  • Plain weave, twill, or herringbone structure are the most common ways in which it is woven.
  • Before the yarn is spun, adding colored wool to the mix produces a variety of color effects on the fabric.
Tweed Fabric


  • Tweed is a kind of fabric that is known for its resistance to moisture and durability; as a result, it was often used as informal outerwear in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland as an iconic piece of tradition.
  • They were often used for outdoor activities such as shooting and hunting in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Scotland because of their durability and ability to survive adverse weather conditions.
  • Although the making of tweed is currently associated with County Donegal in Ireland, however originally it was done across the whole nation. 
  • The Isle of Harris in the Hebrides is the location most often linked with the production of tweed in Scotland.
Tweed Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out?


Tweed is coarse in texture.


It is not suitable for draping.


When it was first introduced to England's aristocracy, noblemen were immediately captivated with how well tweed blended in with the surrounding landscape. Even in modern times, people like tweed because of the inherent beauty of the fabric.


Tweed is an extremely durable and insulative fabric, which contributes to its popularity among winter apparel and outerwear.

Application and Uses


Jackets, blazers, pants, etc.


Hats, bags, etc.

New Age Innovations 

  • Regardless, tweed's capacity to withstand the elements has earned it a permanent position in the world of fashion, and tweed clothing is still manufactured and sold in sufficient numbers to justify its relevance in the industry.
  • The use of natural fibers in outerwear is becoming less necessary as time goes on due to the development of new technologies, such as Gore-Tex 

Care Instructions

  • Wash the fabric by hand in water that is at most 30 degrees and is clean.
  • While you are washing the clothing, you should be careful not to wring it, rub it, or stretch it. 
  • Instead, you should gently squeeze the suds through the material.
  • The fabric must be washed in clean water.
  • Do not raise the garment since the weight of the wet cloth will cause it to spread out if it is lifted.
Tweed Fabric

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