Boucle Fabric

Bouclé Fabric

Bouclé Fabric

What is Bouclé Fabric

  • Bouclé fabric is a heavy material which is made of looped yarn.
  • This fabric has ‘nubby’ surface which makes it softer and coarser,
  • Its texture relies between the soft fluffiness like sherpa and natural surface of linen,
  • Boucle fabric is named after the French word Boucler which meant ‘to curl’.
  • This is known for its comfort surface and visual texture.
What is Bouclé Fabric

History of Bouclé Fabric

  • Bouclé fabric originated in Europe during the 19th century and became famous as mid century fabric.
  • It was founded by Eero Saarinen in 1940 when the creator was working with rough fabric wool and tweed,
  • After 1950, this fabric was started using in clothing and originally used by Coco Chanel,
  • Originally, it is produced through wool but with the time textile experts learned to manufacture it with other fabrics like linen, silk, polyester and cotton.
What is Bouclé Fabric

What makes it stand out

Soft texture 

The texture of fabric is soft owing to materials used like cotton and wool.


Boucle fabric is woven loosely which gives it flexibility and strength 

Hard to process 

Due to its loose weaving, this fabric is hard to process or sew as compared to others.



Shirts, coats, jackets, couture etc.


Beg, couture suiting etc.

Home furnishing 

Furniture, pillow cover, blanket, drapries etc.

Care instruction 

  • You should ask for care instruction as this fabric is vulnerable,
  • Do not squeeze harshly to take out extra water,
  • Use cold water to wash the fabric and keep the machine on delicate mode while cleaning it,
  • You can choose soap or detergent as per your preference,
  • Pick the wool option while ironing it and do it gently.
Boucle Fabric

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