Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian Cotton

What is Egyptian Cotton

  • Egyptian is plant based fibre that is grown in climate condition like Egypt,
  • Egyptian cotton grown for long like to ‘2’ inch staples and known as Gossypium Barbadense,
  • It is long and finest quality fiber that are durable in nature,
  • It has various uses like towels, sheet sets, and clothing.
Egyptian cotton

History of Egyptian Cotton

  • Frenchman, Monsieur Jumel was the first man to cultivate the very first Egyptian Cotton,
  • The major credit of origin of Egyptian cotton goes to American Civil War,
  • During the rise of 19th century this cotton staples became popular worldwide,
  • However, during 2015-16, the production of Egyptian cotton fell dramatically.  
Egyptian cotton

What makes it stand out

Long fiber 

Egyptian cotton has long staples or yarns that are thinner and strong.

Better absorption 

It can absorb the colour quickly which make it perfect for dye

Easy to spun

This fibre is easier to spun in thread than any other fibres.



Shirts, sweatshirt, t-shirts etc


Towels, scarves, purses etc.

Home furnishing 

Bedsheet, bedding, sofa cover etc.

Care Instruction 

  • It should be wash on 40 degree temperature,
  • You should not wash it with other clothes and accessories,
  • You should wash it with gentle care,
  • Use air dry if possible,
  • Iron should be on low heat or temperature.
Egyptian cotton

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