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Casement Fabric

What is Casement?

  • Casement fabric is generally excreted from lightweight cotton material with a plain weave, closely filled with hefty warp yarns.
  • Casement fabric is slightly heavier than cotton.
  • The material of casement cloth is notably bulky and has a vast diameter.

Casement Fabric


  • The history and origin of casement cloth is still a mystery, but it came into existence around the 19th century. 
  • Cotton and mohair were blended to get a lavish, simple, and dust-shedding look for curtains.
  • Casement curtains were famous as 'glass curtains' owing to their property of allowing natural light to come in along with providing privacy.

Casement Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out?


It has a Lightweight & smooth texture due to low-count fabric.




It is not shiny in appearance but has rustic look.


Slight sheer - Opaque.


Casement cloth has a strong formation which makes it highly durable.

Application and Uses


Shirt, dresses, crop tops, etc.


Bags, kitchen clothing, upholstery, PPE kit, etc. 

Home Furnishing

Best for curtains and backing heavy drapery, mats, bedsheets, pillow covers, etc. 

Care Instructions

  • The best part of casement cloth is its durability and easy-to-maintain feature, as this material doesn't need special care, caution while using, or a lot of instructions.
  • Often, washing would be sufficient.
  • Due to its durability and strong formation, casement cloth has the potential to survive excessively harsh washing detergents, yet it is highly recommended to wash it by hand or with a gentle machine wash. 
  • Keep remembering to air dry it.

Casement Fabric

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  • Jenefa De souza

    extremely delighted to come across this art of casement, I think it is a culture to dress in certain parts of the world. please do keep in touch

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