Chanderi Fabric

Chanderi Fabric

What is Chanderi Fabric?

  • Chanderi fabric is one of the best known handlooms in India. 
  • The ordinary weaving style for manufacturing Chanderi consists of a fine quality of tana fiber which makes zari work elegant.  
  • The fact that the fabric was always denoted as a symbol of royalty makes it more valuable. 
  • Chanderi fabric is light-weight, has glossy transparency and has a sheer texture. 
  • The name of the fabric came from the small place ‘Chanderi’ which is situated in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Outfits woven from Chanderi fabric are best to be worn during hot weather. 
  • The weaving on the fabric is mostly inspired by nature such as earth and sky. 
Chanderi Fabric


  • As per the old saga, the Chanderi fabric is traced back to the Vedic period. Where the fabric was founded by Shishupal who was Lord Krishna’s cousin.
  • Throughout the Mughal reign in India, admiration of Chanderi fabric achieved great height and was the most demanded choice among queens.
  • However, the evolution of fabric started during the 1890s when the weavers residing in Chanderi replaced handspun yarn with mill-made yarn. 
  • In 1910, Chanderi sarees were patronized by the Scindia family. 
  • It was the period when golden thread made its existence on cotton muslin saree. 
  • During the 1930s, weavers in Madhya Pradesh came across Japanese silk. 
  • Soon they began to replace the wrap within cotton sarees with Japanese silk which helped Chanderi silk to come into existence. 
Hand Block Chanderi

What makes it so special?


Chanderi fabric’s unique feature is sheerness. It is due to the use of one quality of yarn.


When buttis as well as motifs are embellished on the Chanderi fabric, it gives a distinctive appearance to the fabric.  

Application & Usage

  • Originally, Chanderi fabric was used to design only sarees.
  • But after the evolution within the fashion industry, the fabric is used to design various outfits like, indo-western, tops, and many more. 
  • Rather than outfits, chanderi fabric is also used to design curtains and pillows. 
Chanderi Fabric Online

New Age Innovation

  • Over the years, with the advancement of technologies, Chanderi print fabric has changed its patterns. 
  • Modern prints of Chanderi have geometric patterns along with floral and other such designs adopted from the ancient period.
  • Despite being the most beautifully woven fabric, there came a time when people forgot about the Chanderi.
  • However, due to the sheerness of the fabric it got rebirth by various designers and brands who worked hard to revive the traditional craft of Chanderi.
  • As a consequence, currently you can observe shirts , kurtas and other outfits fabricated out of Chanderi fabric. 

How to Judge the Authenticity of Chanderi?

  • The pure Chanderi Fabric comprises a unique texture as well as sheen which makes it different. 
  • Handwoven chanderi has an uneven surface.
  • The buttis and motifs are handwoven and are either coated with gold, copper or silver dust.
Chanderi Fabric Clothing

Care Instructions

The translucent-nature of Chanderi fabric needs special care.

  • It is recommended to dry clean the fabric in order to safeguard the Zari work.
  • In case you are washing it in a machine then wash the fabric with cold water and mild detergent.  
  • Do not dry the fabric under direct sunlight. 
  • Do not iron on high heat.
  • To maintain the shine of Zari work, do not spray deodorant directly on it.

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I am fond of chanderi sarees for their feel ,sheen and fall.neee more information about their construction ,weaving technique used ,type of yarns etc

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Naeem Shaikh

I want chanderi construction.

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