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What is Coolmax Fabric?

  • Invista, an American textile conglomerate, is the exclusive manufacturer of the Coolmax kind of polyester, which is a specifically developed form of the material.
  • The strands that form this polyester fabric have been specially developed to drain away moisture and let heat move through them without restriction.
  • This engineered textile is the only product that bears the Coolmax trademark, despite the fact that there are other materials that provide comparable qualities.
Coolmax fabric


  • The DuPont Corporation, which has been responsible for the most significant innovations in synthetic textile engineering over the course of the last century, was the company that first established Invista as a subsidiary.
  • In 2003, the firm that was the immediate ancestor of Invista, DuPont Textiles & Interiors, severed its ties with the corporation that was its parent and became an independent business.
  • Today, Invista is the only company authorized to use the Coolmax brand, and there are no longer any commercial relationships between this company and DuPont.
  • The origin of Coolmax began in 1986 when textile engineers at DuPont successfully invented a new form of polyester yarn. Due to its distinctive design, this yarn was able to transmit both heat and moisture away from the body, which led to the creation of Coolmax.
  • It wasn't until 1998, however, that key members of the DuPont Textiles & Interiors team patented this new fabric under the name Coolmax. And within just five short years, this branch of the DuPont Corporation had reorganized into Invista, primarily in order to protect the highly valuable intellectual property that the Coolmax brand had rapidly become.
  • Early on in the history of Coolmax marketing, officials from DuPont and Invista envisioned this innovative fabric as a direct rival of merino wool owing to its moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities. Merino wool is a natural fiber that is made from sheep.
  • The physical structure of Coolmax fibers, which consists of oval polyester fibers with grooves running along their surface, inherently encourages the passage of moisture away from the skin and onto the surface of the fabric for rapid evaporation. This is because the grooves run along the surface of the fibers.
  • During the years 2000-2010, Coolmax socks were more popular as consumers soon realized that they offered a lightweight and durable alternative to wool's traditional properties.
Coolmax fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


It is well knowledge that Coolmax fiber has a relatively low weight.


The Coolmax fabric swiftly draws moisture away from the wearer's skin, keeping the feet dry and giving them a cool and refreshing sensation. In addition to that, it reduces the danger of athlete's foot and blisters as well as unpleasant odors.


It is very long-lasting due to the fact that it is a form of polyester and synthetic fabric.

Applications & Usage


Shirts, jeans, polo shirts, etc.

Home Furnishing

Bed sheets, cushion covers, curtains, etc.


Bicycle seats, sleeping bag liners, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Coolmax is a fabric that dries quickly, is simple to care for, and can be machine washed.
  • Although the clothes may be dried, it is not recommended that you dry them in a tumble dryer since they have a trace amount of elastane in them.
  • The greatest results may be achieved by washing the garment at 30 degrees Celsius and then allowing it to dry naturally.
Coolmax fabric

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