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What is Crash Fabric?

  • Crash is a thick and uneven yarn that is woven together to create a coarse fabric with a rough and uneven surface.
  • Crash fabric is based on linen and is manufactured from both dyed and uncolored yarns.
  • The color of the yarns that are often utilized is either gray or white.
  • Crash textiles have a weave that is difficult to distinguish. In most cases, linen is used for the warp, while various combinations of linen, jute, cotton, and wool, amongst other fibers, are used for the filler.
  • The structure of the weave may be anything from simple to twill to ornate.
  • The flax that was used to make the Russian crash was of the Motchenetz (water-retted) and Slanetz (dew-retted) kind, both of which were cultivated in Russia. The roughest form was termed the Russian crash.
Crash Fabric


  • Most of the evidence points to Russia being responsible for the crash fabric. In the year 1836, Russia was home to a total of 3,742 flax mills and producers.
  • Crash was a fabric that was of particular interest in the middle of the 19th century because of its distinctive qualities, fabric composition, and heavy structure. 
  • It was particularly well-liked for the aesthetics of the fabric.
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What Makes it Stand out 


Crash fabric has a rough and irregular surface texture.


It is easily drapable.


The fabric is extraordinarily absorbent to moisture. 

Applications & Usage 


Shirts, dresses, skirts, coats, etc.

Home Furnishing

Towels, bed linens, curtains, etc.


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