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What is Cupro Fabric? 

  • Cupro is a "regenerated cellulose" fabric created from cotton waste. It is manufactured from the very tiny silky cotton fibers, known as a linter, that stick out of the cottonseed and are too small to spin.
  • The linter is dissolved into a cuprammonium solution, which is a combination of copper and ammonium, poured into caustic soda, then spun into fiber.
  • Much like Tencel and Modal, cupro is a plant-based substance that is chemically treated to make the resultant fabric.
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  • More than 130 years ago, cupro was created in Oberbruch, Germany. Vereinigte Glanzstoff Fabriken AG was the maker of this artificial fiber. It also became one of the top European manufacturers of rayon
  • In 1904, a rayon firm named J.P. Bemberg AG refined these artificial fibers and developed a new fabric that was equivalent to real silk. This fine fiber gained fame very fast for its exceptional qualities.
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What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric has a smooth and silky texture.


Cupro fabric has a subtle sheen similar to silk. 


It has an opaque appearance.

Applications & Usage 

  • In many instances, cupro is combined with other types of fibers, either natural or synthetic, to produce a completed garment or accessory with a variety of characteristics. When combined with other types of fabric, cuprammonium rayon may be used to make a variety of blouses, tank tops, t-shirts, sports bras, and other forms of lightweight outfits.

Care Instructions 

  • When you clean it, be sure to flip the material inside out so that the outside will not be subjected to the more abrasive aspects of the washing process.
  • There is a strong recommendation that the fabric should not be dried in the dryer.
  • When you air dry the fabric, you should lay it out flat or set it over a drying rack. Cupro garments have a propensity to lose their form when hung on hangers.
  • When storing the fabric, you should use a clothing bag made of cotton since it is more breathable than plastic. The plastic accelerates the process of yellowing.

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Rajeev Kumar Rishi

Rajeev Kumar Rishi

i am looking for cupro fabric in bulk. Wherefrom can i get the same please.

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