Donegal Tweed Fabric

Donegal Tweed Fabric

What is Donegal Tweed?

  • Made from the thick and warm fleece of sheep.
  • This fabric is woven from woolen spun yarns.
  • It is primarily donegal handwoven tweed  fabric.
  • This fabric is wrinkle-resistant and is of robust material.
  • It is used in making caps, suits, vests, and many more.
  • They are available in different patterns, for instance in checks and herringbone. 
Donegal Tweed


  • This fabric started to appear around the end of the 18th century.
  •  It was mainly done by part time weavers, who were also farmers and fishermen.  
  •  Its name originated from Donegal, Ireland.

What makes it stand out?


This fabric is highly durable and with that provides warmth


Plain weave with uneven slub yarns


stand out

Application & Usage


Scarves, hats, plain tweed caps, beret, kepis, and other


Donegal tweed jackets, coats, waistcoats, and many more

Application and Usage

Care Instructions

  • It is easy to machine wash.
  • Keep the iron on slightly cool and then it won’t harm the fabric. 
  • Steam can be done only when required. 
  • Keep it in a dry place as moisture can damage the fabric.

Care Instructions

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