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Double Gauze Fabric

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What is Double Gauze?

  • Double gauze is a lightweight, soft, and slightly breathable fabric. 
  • It is constructed of two thin cotton layers that are sewn together at regular intervals. These stitches provide a faint embossing throughout the entire cloth. 
  • The cloth has a pleasing weight due to the two layers knitted together. 
  • Double gauze, which is widely used in women's, men's, and children's apparel, is particularly popular in spring, summer, and fall for its breathability, but it is also popular in winter for its cocooning properties. 
  • It is increasingly employed in every industry, including domestic linen, accessories, and decorating.
Double Gauze


  • Gauze was first made in Mosul (now in Iraq).
  • Traditionally Gauze was woven in the Gaza region as a center of weaving.

Double Gauze

What Makes it Stand Out?


It has a slightly wrinkled texture


It drapes and gathers beautifully on the body.


Double gauze fabric has the added benefit of being extremely absorbent. Indeed, its design lends it a lightness and softness that conforms well to the skin. As a result, it is an excellent fabric for a baby's skin.


Slight Sheer

Application and Uses


  Blouses, dresses, shirts, baby care products, etc


  Laundry bags, netting, etc.

Care Instructions

  • It is recommended to wash the fabric in cold water.
  • Double gauze fabric can be washed by machine or hand. 
  • Tumble dry on low.
  • Lay the cloth out flat to dry.
  • The more you wash and use double gauze fabric, the softer it will get. This makes it a fantastic choice for baby products, but it may also be utilized for a variety of other purposes.
  • Iron it on the cotton setting. 

Double Gauze

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