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What is Triple Gauze?

  • Triple gauze is a lightweight fabric comprised of three layers of gauze that are sewn together at regular intervals and have little unnoticeable patches on the cloth. 
  • It is thicker and fluffier than double gauze, making it more pleasant to touch. 
  • The fabric is perfect for baby blankets, and clothing.
Triple Gauze


  • The Gauze was first made in Mosul (now in Iraq).
  • Traditionally Gauze was woven in the Gaza region as a center of weaving.
Triple Gauze Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric has a wrinkled texture.


Good fall


Triple gauze fabric is opaque in appearance and is cool to wear.


It is a soft and lightweight fabric.

Application and Uses


Blouses, dresses, shirts, etc

Home Furnishing 

Blankets, towels, quilts, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity?

  • Oeko-Tex-Standard 100 Certified triple Gauze is available and can give a good impact on consumers.

Care Instructions

  • Cold water machine or hand washable.
  • It is recommended to tumble dry on a low setting.
  • Lay the cloth flat to dry.
  • The softer the triple gauze fabric becomes the more you wash it. As a result, it is an excellent choice for baby products.
  • Iron it on a cotton setting. You can use a lot of steam to iron.
Triple Gauze Fabric
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I am looking for triple gauze in solid white or off-white. NO PRINTS

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