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What is Double Knit Fabric? 

  • Double knitting is a kind of pattern that uses two different sets of needles to create a fabric that is twice as thick as ordinary knitting fabric. 
  • These two layers of knitting are brought together by using stitches that interlock with one another. 
  • Needles are used in the construction of the cloth, which results in loops being formed on both the back and the front. These loops are woven together to make a single structure. This keeps the layers from getting untangled and falling apart. 
  • The end product is a dense fabric that is twice as thick as a typical knit fabric and with solid stability that is on par with that of woven materials. 
  • If you want to create an intriguing effect, you may make the two layers out of various colors and different yarns. If you want to make a thicker fabric that has no wrong side, you can use the same colors and yarns for both layers. 
  • Producing a double-knit garment can be done in a variety of different methods. It is possible to make it by hand using knitting needles with a double point. A knitting machine is another option for doing this task. 
  • For the purpose of making double knits, both natural and synthetic fibers, such as silk and polyester, may be used as the yarn of choice. Cotton and rayon are two additional well-liked choices.
Double Knit Fabric


  • Knitting is said to have started in the Middle East somewhere around the 5th century and then made its way to Europe shortly after that with wool merchants. 
  • Rather than wool, Cotton fibers were used in the early specimens of knitting that have been discovered in Egypt, which is an interesting discovery. 
  • A good many of them feature Arabic blessings or symbols that are meant to fend off misfortune sewn into them. 
  • In the 14th century, fishermen used knitting, a type of textile production, to make wool jumpers that were waterproof, warm, and good for all kinds of weather. 
  • Already in the 16th century, knitting machines were being put to use to create hosiery for the upper classes. 
Double Knit Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


It is a soft and extremely stable fabric.


The fabric is twice in thickness when compared to a regular knitting pattern. 

Crease resistant

It does not crease easily and does not curl from the edges like regular knit fabric.


Applications & Usage 

Care Instructions 

  • Wash delicate items on a separate cycle in cold water using the machine. 
  • If it is composed of cotton or polyester, put it in the dryer in a low heat setting. 
  • If it is made of silk fibers, let it dry naturally by air drying. 
  • If required, iron the fabric on the wool setting at a low temperature.

Double Knit Fabric

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