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What is Tricot Knit Fabric? 

  • Tricot is a type of knit fabric with a unique texture that is made with a flatbed knitting machine.
  • On the front of the fabric, the tricot weave looks like a zigzag. On the back, however, it looks like a crosswise rib.
  • In contrast to the process of weft knitting, the needles used for warp knitting each loop their own thread.
  • The loops are produced in parallel rows by the needles, which results in the interlocking zigzag pattern that can be seen below.
  • Because of these loops running longitudinally, the front of this fabric has a smooth surface, while the back has a textured appearance.
  • Ribs are formed along the front of this structure, while transverse ribs are formed along the rear. Because of this, the knit structure of the tricot is both very comfortable and very durable.
  • This kind of knitting results in a tricot fabric that is supple and flexible, and it does not snag or run readily.
  • A high-quality tricot doesn't make static electricity and doesn't stick to the wearer, which makes it a very comfortable fabric choice.
  • There is a wide range of hues and patterns available for tricots.
  • A fabric known as tricot is often constructed from a mixture of nylon and spandex or polyester and spandex. 
  • The entirely synthetic kind is by far the most popular choice, despite the fact that some of them could include a trace amount of natural fibers like cotton.
Tricot Knit fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


The fabric has a smooth surface on the face and a textured back.


It is excellent wrinkle resistance, as well as good drape-ability.


Tricot fabric is distinguished by its key characteristics, which include its elasticity and adaptability.


Tensile strength is a characteristic that is uniquely possessed by polyester fibers.


Applications & Usage 

  • Tricot is commonly used for swimwear, lingerie, and sportswear.

Care Instructions 

  • Use cold water and the gentle cycle on your washing machine to wash each item. 
  • It is sufficient to let the fabric air dry.

Tricot Knit fabric

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