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What is Felt Fabric?

  • The term "felt" refers to matted fabric that is produced by compressing and mating several types of textile fibers. 
  • Felt was traditionally manufactured using wool or using different types of animal fur; however, it is now feasible to manufacture felt using acrylic as well as other types of synthetic fibers.
Felt Fabric


  • Many people think that felt is the oldest fabric in the world. Because the oldest archaeological evidence of felt goes back to 6500 BC, this fabric is older than any knitted or woven textile. Felt was used in ancient times.
  • Several different civilizations have developed mythologies that attempt to explain the invention of felt. In the Western tradition, for example, the invention of felt is attributed to either Saint Clement or Saint James. 
  • It is said that both of these saints placed natural fibers in their sandals to prevent blisters, only to have these fibers turn felt due to the heat, pressure, and sweat. 
  • Urnamman, a warrior hero in Sumerian mythology, is credited with being the first person to discover felt. Even while the histories of the development of felt in other civilizations may not be as colorful, the production of felt has been an important part of the culture of the peoples who live on the Eurasian continent for millennia.
Felt Fabric Online

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric has a hairy texture


It is not suitable for drapes


Felt fabric is opaque in appearance. 

Applications & Usage


Boot linings, hats, etc.

Home Furnishing 

Decorative pillow covers, mats, etc.


Crafting materials for kids, handbags, etc.

Care Instructions

  • The fabric doesn't need to be washed before use.
  • If it is damp or wet, let it air-dry.
  • Clean up any spills as soon as possible.
  • If necessary, it may be washed carefully by hand.
  • It is not recommended to soak for an extended amount of time.
  • It is not capable of being bleached.
  • Iron using a setting between low and moderate heat.

Felt Fabric

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