Gauze Fabric

Gauze Fabric

What is Gauze Fabric?

  • It is a thin translucent, lightweight, loosely woven fabric.
  • Gauze fabric weaving process is crossed with overlapping yarns, which makes it firm and durable.
  • Gauze can be made from non-woven fabric, for instance, fabrics that are neither woven nor knitted.
  • Woven gauze used for medical dressing is usually made out of cotton.
  • Non-woven fabric is made from synthetic fibers such as polyester or rayon blended with cotton. Moreover, it is stronger, bulkier, and softer than woven.
  • Ingle gauze fabric in the market is also available as muslin.
What is Gauze Fabric


  • Gauze fabrics origin was from the Gaza region. 
  • Fabrics' name is derived from this place.
  • This fabric was imported to medieval Europe for specific religions. 
  • During the early 13th century, gauze was forbidden instead a fine type of silk commonly known as Gazzalum was being imported. 
  • Although the origin of the word Gauze is uncertain but is often referred to in the Arabic and Persian word Qazz, meaning raw silk.

What makes it stand out?


Its texture gives a mesh and wrinkled glance


The fabric has a dull look on the surface

Application & Usage


Medical Dressing, Veil, baby carriers, loose dresses, skirts, and many more 

Home Furnishing

Curtains and thermal blankets

Care Instruction

  • Hand washing the fabric is always the best option.
  • If doing machine wash then go for a gentle wash.
  • Overwashing will make your fabric shrink.
  • To remove wrinkles go for steam ironing.  
  • Store it in a dry place or in a cotton bag to keep it safe from bugs. 
Care Instruction

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