Gazar Fabric

Gazar Fabric

What is Gazar Fabric?

  • Gazar fabric is also known as Gazaar. 
  • It is made from silk or wool plain weave fabric.
  • At many places it is also available as silk organza fabric.
  • This fabric is a kind of substitute for organza fabric.
What is Gazar Fabric


  • It was originated by Abraham which was a Swiss textile firm in collaboration with Balenciaga.
  • Balenciaga featured this fabric for the first time in his collection of 1960-68.
History Gazar Fabric

What makes it stand out?


Crisp and smooth texture and holds on to shape quite well


Its surface is a bit shiny because of silk threads

Application & Usage


Bridal wear, evening gowns, soft coats


Scrunchies, applique patches, and many more

Care Instruction

  • Always wash this fabric with hands and if you want to get it dry-cleaned get it from a professional. 
  • Iron it at a very low temperature. 
  • It is possible that after the first wash the fabric can shrink a bit. 
  • Avoid storing the fabric in a plastic bag, instead fold and wrap it with paper.

Care Instruction Gazar Fabric


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