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What is Gingham? 

  • Gingham is a plain fabric woven into stripes and checkers. 
  • The effect of color and pattern is given either by carded or combed yarns.
  • It is mostly made of cotton or cotton blends along with dyed yarn to form a checked pattern. 
  • The red and white, black and white gingham material as well as blue and white patterned combination is popular among people.
Gingham Fabric


  • Gingham is derived from the Malay word “genggang'', which means “striped,” when moved to the Dutch language “gingang” has evolved into “gingham” in English.
  • According to an old saying, When gingham was imported into Europe during the 17th century, it was a striped fabric, however presently it is distinguished by checkered pattern.
Gingham Cotton Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


The fabric does not possess any shine, it is dull in nature. 


Gingham fabric comprises great strength and is abrasion resistant.


The fabric can be recycled and is biodegradable. 

Application & Usage 


Shirts, dresses, bathing suits, etc


Pocket squares, head bands, scarves, etc.


Table cloth, curtains, bed sheets, etc.

How to Judge the Authenticity ?

  • To test the original gingham, dip it in water. 
  • It will absorb up to 65% of its own weight without dripping.

Care Instructions 

  • For hassle-free cleaning, you can wash the fabric in the washing machine with cold water.
  • Make sure that the washing machine is set to a gentle mode to prevent any wrinkles while drying the fabric.
  • Do not use any types of bleach as this will cause fading of color on the fabric.
  • When it comes to ironing gingham fabrics, you can use medium to high heat on it. However, ensure that the steam setting is turned on.
Gingham Fabric
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