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What is Grosgrain Fabric? 

  • Grosgrain is a thick, ribbed fabric that is usually made out of silk or rayon and is used to make ribbons.
  • Using this method produced one-of-a-kind transverse ribs in the weave of the heavy fabric.
  • Grosgrain is a fabric that looks a lot like a fine cord, which is why it is often called a "clearly woven cord fabric." The cords made from this fabric are thinner than those made from faille but thicker than those made from poplin.
  • Unless dyed specifically for use in making grosgrain ribbons, grosgrain cloth is often only available in black. 
Grosgrain Fabric


  • The name "grosgrain" originated as a corruption of the phrase "grogram," which was first written as "gros gram" in 1562. This corruption originated from a freshly borrowed word. This phrase was used to describe a coarsely woven fabric made of either pure silk or a blend of silk and either wool or mohair.
  • Grosgrain has been used to make clothes since the 17th century. It was first used to make jackets, waistcoats, petticoats, breeches, sleeves, jerkins, and many other types of clothing.
  • In most cases, it was used since it was a less expensive alternative to finely woven silk or wool. The production of grosgrain silk by American companies started in the latter half of the 19th century.
  • In the end, during the 1920s, apparel made of grosgrain was almost completely phased out, and the fabric eventually found its place of prominence in ribbon.
Grosgrain Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out 


The texture is silky & ribbed. 


It gives a subtle sheen and is available in wide range of colors. 


Grosgrain fabric is opaque in nature and is also durable.


Applications & Usage  


Tops, skirts, dresses, gowns, jackets, tuxedos, coats, etc. 


Bow ties, book binding, collar, etc.

Care Instructions 

  • Use rubbing alcohol or even just clean water and a towel to remove stains from the ribbons that are attached to the caps.
  • It is recommended to air dry the fabric.
Grosgrain Fabric

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