Madras Muslin Net Fabric

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What is Madras Muslin Net Fabric?

  • The cloth is an open gauze ground cloth where an extra weft is inserted to produce a motif, this is then woven into the ground cloth.
  • The surplus floating weft yarn is then cut away after weaving revealing the motif, the edge of the sheared motif shows shorn ends of weft yarn.
  • Madras net is used mainly for furnishing such as curtaining.
Madras Muslin Net Fabric


  • 1st Madras-woven yarn was spun from the "tip-skin" of ancient trees in Madras, India (now Chennai).
  • It made its way to the Middle East and Africa by the 1200's so it could be made into head wraps.
  • Cut to the 14th Century and madras has become more polished and adorned with floral and temple designs.
  • Until plaid made an appearance in the 17th Century, this became the traditional dress of Madras residents.    
Madras Muslin Net Fabric

Application and Uses


Pants, shirts, dresses, jackets, etc   

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