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What is Lawn Fabric?

  • Lawn cloth is a type of plain weave fabric that is commonly made with cotton.
  • This textile has a relatively high thread count, which provides it with a silky texture.
  • Lawn cloth is usually made using combed yarn, but it can also be made with carded yarn.
  • Lawn cloth is relatively lightweight, making it a popular fabric for spring and summer women's garments.
  • In most cases, lawn cloth is produced in bleached white, and it is then often printed with attractive patterns. More rarely, lawn cloth is dyed during the production process, and it may still be printed even if it is dyed.
Lawn Fabric


  • The name “lawn cloth” comes from the French city of Laon, which was where this textile was first woven.
  • At first, lawn cloth was primarily made with linen, which was more abundant in Europe at the time.
  • As cotton imports from India became more commonplace, however, weavers of lawn cloth gradually made the shift to this alternative textile material.
  • At the same time that Indian cotton was making its way into France, French lawn cloth was also making its way into India.
  • Indian weavers started making this lightweight cloth into traditional salwar kameez suits, which are also known as “lawn suits” due to their incorporation of the European lawn cloth weave.
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What Makes it Stand Out 


It is lightweight and silky


Good fall






For its intricate designs, and in Pakistan, these designs have become an integral part of annual style culture.

Application and Uses


Nightwear, shirts, dresses, blouses, etc.


Aprons, handkerchiefs, collar cuffs, etc.

Home furnishing

Cushion cover, curtains, etc

New Age Innovations 

  • Lawn suits have been an integral part of designer collections and have been featured in a big way on international runways over the last few years.
  • Inspired by the trending silhouettes and prints, fashion houses have produced and sold many lawn suits in India, especially the urban centers.
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Care Instructions

  • Can be easily maintained by washing in the machine in a regular setting.
  • However, they should not be dried directly in the sun as the colors on them may fade.
  •  Normal ironing is sufficient.

Lawn Fabric

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