Ninon Fabric

Ninon Fabric

What is Ninon Fabric 

  • Ninon is a plain or leno-woven, lightweight sheer cloth.
  • Curtains, formalwear, and lingerie may all benefit from using this fabric.
  • Nylon, polyester, silk, rayon, and acrylic are just some of the filament yarns that go into making ninon.
  • To begin with, this material is a robust silk.
Ninon Fabric


  • Ninon is a French word that came from the name Anne.
  • It was famous during the early 20th century to make the evening outfits,
  • Originally, it is produced out of silk. 
  • However, with time manufacturers started using polyester, rayon and nylon to produce it.
Ninon Fabric

What makes it stand out 

Lightweight material 

Ninon is a lightweight and delicate material.


This fabric comes with nice draping qualities.


Its transparency is not that much opaque as lace and voile.


It appears like mesh net and gives a crisp feel. 



Evening gowns or dresses, lingerie, blouses and bodice etc.

Home decor

Curtains, drapery etc.



Care instruction 

  • It is very delicate fabric that should be washed with hands,
  • Use light detergent to wash it off,
  • Do not use bleach during washing,
  • For machine wash, use cold water,
  • Ironing should be done when fabric is holding moisture.
Ninon Fabric

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