Nubuck Leather Fabric

Nubuck Leather Fabric

What is Nubuck Leather 

  • Nubuck is a kind of leather that is utilised to create various leather products,
  • Leather used to make nubuck was originally made from buckskin either from deer or elks,
  • It is a type of leather that has been smoothed down and polished,
  • To create its velvet like surface, a nap of protein is given to the fabric.
Nubuck Leather

History of Nubuck Leather Fabric

  • The term ‘Nubuck leather’ comes from the french word "gants de Suede."
  • Historically, it was manufactured from the deer skin but in nowadays calfskin is used to produce it,
  • It originated during the 19th century by Swedish artisans.
  • Originally, this material was developed to create luxurious velvet like material for wealthy people. 
Nubuck Leather

What makes it stand out


Owing to being produced by the outer layer, it is top grain leather which makes it highly durable.


Its extra velvet like texture gives it smoothness and softness.


This material is highly breathable and can be worn for a longer time.



Jackets, gloves and tops etc.

Home decor 

Furniture cover, sofa cover etc. 


Shoes, wallets, handbags, travel bags, briefcases etc.

Care instruction 

  • Nubuck leather is low maintenance fabric as you can remove dirt from the fabric by using brush,
  • Use wet cloth or wipes to clean the dirt off,
  • To eliminate the stiffness, you can use conditioning products.
Nubuck Leather

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