Osnaburg Fabric

Osnaburg Fabric

What is Osnaburg Fabric 

  • Osnaburg is a coarse fabric made of linen and cotton,
  • This fabric is manufactured by mixing the waste cotton and low quality cotton,
  • It is plain weave fabric and have a rough texture,
  • Additionally, it is the name of a specific fabric from the past that was traditionally woven from flax but is now more commonly made from tow or jute.
Osnaburg Fabric

History of Osnaburg Fabric 

  • This fabric is named after the German city Osnabrück where it was initiated,
  • During the  17th century, it was founded and originally made of flex,
  • But with the starting of 19th century, Osnaburg became cotton textile,
  • At present it is produced after blend of cotton with low grade cotton,
  • It was originally used for working class people during abolition of slavery, but upper class people also used thi for underlining of clothes.
Osnaburg Fabric

What makes it stand out


Osnaburg is a very long-lasting material because of its dense weave and the strength of cotton.

Natural colored 

Osnaburg is a fabric with natural shade and feels like calico fabric.

Softer drape 

Even after having coarse weave, this fabric gives soft drape.



Shirts, skirts, petticoats, underlying layer of clothing etc. 


Sheeting, mattress covers, shoe lining etc. 

Home decor 

Drapes, curtains, bedsheet etc. 

Care instruction

  • It can be washed in machine; hand wash is not compulsory,
  • Use delicate cycle to clean the fabric,
  • Bleach can be used during washing and cleaning yet remember to use non- chlorine bleach,
  • Low heat environment is highly suitable to dry the material,
  • Use cool mode to iron the osnaburg fabric.
Osnaburg Fabric

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