Grenadine Fabric

Grenadine Fabric

What is Grenadine Fabric?

  • It is a light, open gauze-like weave fabric.
  • Commonly its weaves are known as Leno or Cross weave. 
  • Involves two warp of silk yarns which makes a strong yet sheer fabric
  • This fabric is similar to gauze bobbinet tulle. 
  • There are four varieties of Grenadine known as Garza Fina, Garza Grossa, Prometeo, and Garza Piccola.   
  • Each one of them is different in terms of its fine smooth invisible-to-visible textures.


  • Its popping seeds are from Como, a small town in Italy.
  • Majorly it was worn as a black silk lace in France in the eighteenth century.
  • Earlier, wooden jacquard looms were used to produce fine material. 
  • Moreover, shirts and uniforms were made out of them due to their breathability in tropical areas.

What Makes It Stand Out?


Bright, smooth fine texture


It comes in various colors and patterns. Best for both formal and informal wear.

Application and Usage


Ties, curtains, and laces


Shirts, colonial uniforms

Care Instruction

  • For removing stains this fabric is easy to dry clean.
  • But precautions have to be taken if the silk fabric is there. 
  • It can be machine washed at a very low temperature in cold water. 
  • To remove wrinkles they can be easily steam-pressed.  
Care-Instruction (1)

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